Estudiantes Secures Fourth Point in Series Against Napostá, Forces Decisive Match

Despite the losses, Estudiantes brought out the fourth point of the series against Napostá, which they defeated 75 to 72 at home, to tie the match and force a fifth and decisive victory.

The name of the team that will face San Lorenzo del Sud, in another step for continuity in First Division, will come out of the clash that will be played this Wednesday in Napostá, at 9 p.m.

Albo secured it with 10 seconds left with a triple converted by point guard Julián Rodríguez, which made the score 74-72 for the home team. The next one was taken and shot by Bruno Pallotti for the visit, although his shot with triple value, facing the rim, barely touched the cylinder.



Francisco Saucedo (Napostá) does not want to lose it.

Jerónimo Mitoire kept the rebound, received a foul and 6 tenths of a second later he scored the first and missed the second, so that his rival would not have an extra chance.

After an adverse initial quarter, the locals grew in the second period (they won 18-11). Good driving by Mateo Giovino and distributed scoring opportunities to continue the advantage.

However, Napostá got close to the minimum with a triple from Pallotti (63-62, at 3m30s), who also put his team ahead with 2-2 in free practice with 1m32s left (68-67).

José Luis Martínez is already in a launching position.

A heads-up battle broke out in which each one took advantage of their chances. Giovino put Albo ahead again with 2-2 in free throws (69-68, at 1m23s), then Gastón Torres made 2-2 in doubles inside the free throw zone to leave the score 72-71 at 34s.

And then came Julián Rodríguez’s decisive action: step-back against Leonel Alemañy (he even had to call a foul since he touched him in the shot) and winning 3-point shot.

Gastón Torres (Napostá) passes to José Belleggia.

We remember that Estudiantes did not have Mariano Castets (fibula fracture), Agustín Amore (an injured shoulder), Matías Couselo (an ankle) and Juan Ignacio González, who did not train during the last few days (fever).

This is the summary of the meeting:

Students (75): M. Giovino (12), I. Gomez Lepez (14), JL Martinez (15), J. Mitoire (1), A. Salas (7), fi; J. Rodriguez (20), J. Belleggia (6), I. Nunez and T. Scolari. DT: Ariel Ugolini.

It will appear (72): M. Zalguizuri (8), L. Germany (16), G. Muzi (20), F. Saucedo (3), G. Torres (8), fi; B. Pallotti (5), A. Iturrioz (12) and N. Guerrero. DT: Sebastian Aleksoski.

Rooms: Students, 24-16, 32-27 and 48-46.

Referees: Alejandro Ramallo, Eduardo Ferreyra and Alejandro Vizcaíno.

Basketball court: Osvaldo Casanova (Students).

Serie: 2-2.

Agustín Salas (Students), above all.

What will happen after the 5th

The winner of this series will cross with San Lorenzo, which has just won and eliminated Pueyrredón.

The winner in the next instance between San Lorenzo and Napostá or Estudiantes will secure the category, while the loser will face the third in the Second Division.

Meanwhile, the winner of Pueyrredón and Napostá or Estudiantes will face the second in promotion, while the loser will be relegated directly.

Iván Gómez Lepez ( Estudiantes ) has a comfortable shot.

Free pass

Villa Miter and 9 de Julio will play this Tuesday at the José Martínez, starting at 9 p.m., the third of the quarterfinals that tie at 1.

Eduardo Ferreyra, Marjorie Stuardo and Alejandro Vizcaino will direct.

The fourth game will take place on Friday, at the Néstor Damiani.

For this Tuesday’s game, the Villa Miter leadership decided that it will not charge admission to its supporters who present a card and fee up to date.

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