Empowering Young Paralympic Athletes: Team Dreams in Action

Empowering Young Paralympic Athletes: Team Dreams in Action

Santo Domingo.- Team Dreams (SEE), led an activity for support young athletes Paralympics with the purpose of raising awareness and promoting leadership that reflects values ​​such as commitment, resilience and dedication as role models in our society.

The Paralympic athletes who participated in the activity performed exhibitions in disciplines such as: badminton, basketball, field and track. This exhibition, which showed the pride and example with which these Paralympic athletes perform, had the participation of CMS high school students who participated in the different games and activities carried out.

The act carried out in the Carlos Morgan School facilities (CMS), the members of Sueños en Team were accompanied, on this occasion, by their allies CRESO and COPADOM, whom they thank for their support in promoting inclusion, supporting young athletes in the implementation of inclusive sports programs and in the creation awareness about the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

“Paralympic sport is a living example of the strength of the human spirit. In every athlete, we see the determination, courage and overcoming obstacles that inspire us all. It is not just about winning medals, but about breaking barriers and demonstrating that limitations are only opportunities to achieve new goals,” expressed the members of Sueños en Team.

Likewise, SEE made a contribution to COPADOM through CRESO to support the Paralympic athletes who will represent the Dominican Republic in the Paralympic Games in Paris, France to be held in the summer of 2024.

SEE is a school club founded by Donald Pimentel Betances, Rafael Blanco Assily and Christian García Rojas, whose objective is to support young athletes who need a helping hand to achieve their dreams, through sport as a tool to promote inclusion.

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