Emma Reymond: The Determined Deaf Badminton Champion Making Waves in the Sporting World

At only 21 years old, Emma Reymond is part of the French deaf and hard of hearing badminton team, where she has already won several titles at the French championships and won medals at the European championships in singles, doubles and mixed.

Emma Reymond’s determination is not limited to a single sporting arena: she also practices her sport among able-bodied people, thus establishing a connection that she considers essential. His participation in the Deaflympic, also called the Olympic Games for the Deaf created in Paris in 1924, testifies to his total commitment. “I had applied to carry the flame without really believing in itEmma admitted a few days ago. It’s a huge source of pride for me and I was so happy when I received the email announcing my participation. I will run 200 meters with great pleasure.

Five events like the five rings

His dad, Fabrice, is proud on all levels of the successes of his offspring born in Vitrolles 21 years ago: “When we experience them at the moment, it is especially afterwards that this feeling emerges. I follow her on all trips because with her disability, we are always afraid that she will be misunderstood and that the information will not get through. This is the problem with lip reading which can be difficult in certain circumstances. Emma found badminton at the age of 10, a sport that suits her perfectly and for which she is passionate.

Always on the move for the defense of the Berre pond, Jean-Philippe Garcia, the president of the Raid association, seizes every opportunity to lead his fight and takes advantage of the Olympic Games to launch Olympe 2024, an educational and civic operation who wants to bring together sports clubs and active forces in the region.

Make the pond known

When Jean-Philippe asked me to participate in his event, I immediately agreed to be part of his collection of sporting champions that he is building around himself and his action for the pond. (Editor’s note, bowler Jean-Michel Puccinelli, cyclist Florian Bouziani, mountain biker Isaure Medde, marathon runner Fouad Latrèche). I am proud to represent Vitrolles in international competitions and if I can help raise awareness of the Etang de Berre, I would be very proud.

The closing ceremony of the Olympe du Raid will take place on August 31 at the Fontblanche stadium in Vitrolles with the rugby school. Five major events, like the five Olympic rings, are on display between now and then: pétanque in Saint-Chamas, cycling in Istres, football in Fos, the regatta in Châteauneuf-les-Martigues, running at night in Martigues.

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