Electronic Arts Announces Closure of Servers for Older Games

Electronic Arts Announces Closure of Servers for Older Games

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced in a message that it will be shutting down the servers of some older games this year. EA is continuing its work to permanently remove more and more of the old titles from the internet.

This time four mobile games are affected: On Friday, May 24th, EA Sports MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022, F1 Mobile Racing and Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth will go offline. Players of these four mobile games can play them until May 24th. The titles have already been removed from the respective app stores so that no new players can take part. The in-app purchases of the games have also already been suspended.

According to a post from a moderator on the EA Sports MLB Tap Sport Baseball 2023 developer forum, players who have purchased an in-app subscription will need to cancel it manually with the app store provider. So shutting down the game doesn’t seem to automatically deactivate players’ subscriptions.

EA has already canceled a number of other games this year, including F1 2011 to F1 2014, Micromachines World Series, Rocket Arena, Kim Kardashian Hollywood and Madden NFL 20. Further server closures are planned. So it continues with Super Mega Baseball 2 and Disney Sorcerers Arena in July, NHL 20 in September and FIFA 22 in November. The decision to discontinue recently released games such as MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 and Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth has caused displeasure among some fans. On Reddit, some users are announcing a planned boycott of upcoming players from Capital Games, the EA studio behind the Lord of the Rings licensed game.

EA cites the group’s efforts to reduce costs as the reason for these measures, particularly in light of the recent mass layoffs in the gaming industry. EA and other companies in the industry now have to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, which often leads to such drastic decisions.

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