El Bisbal makes the dream come true and goes up to LEB Plata

El Bisbal makes the dream come true and goes up to LEB Plata

Bisbal Básquet is a new LEB Plata team. Carles Rofes’ men have knocked down Bilbao in the final game (55-63) with a great lesson in solidity in a game with a lot of uncertainty on the part of both teams (55-63).

The beginning of the match was rather slow, with very solid defenses that made the rival team sweat every point. Bisbal was not at all uncomfortable in this scenario, which was strong under the hoops with the intimidation of Dibba and the burden of the offensive rebound. This is how the Empordanese opened a first important gap (5-12), which forced the coach of the Basque team to ask for a time-out. But it would have little effect, because Bisbal continued to play with a lot of confidence, especially with Espinosa’s points and with the guarantee that it was Dibba in both areas. In this way, Carles Rofes’ team ended the first quarter with an important advantage of 15 points (19-26).

The set would change from top to bottom in the second period. Now the Bisbalans had a lot of problems finding good shooting situations and with a couple of inspired plays the Basques cut Bisbal’s advantage in half (19-26). The Baix-Empordanos were not at all lucky from long distance but they took advantage of Bibao defending in the area to charge the offensive rebound and have many opportunities in one attack. Espinosa and Valera broke the curse from the perimeter, but a loss of the ball, and two three-point plays by the Bilbao players left the game very tight at halftime (30-33).

In the resumption, the match was even more difficult and Bisbal could only hurt the opponent through Dibba. Bilbao took the lead and gradually balanced the battle for the rebound, which allowed them to have second and third chances. The match reached the end of the period with maximum equality, but a small partial run by the Basques gave them a slight advantage before facing the decisive 10 minutes (46-42).

In the last quarter, it seemed that the Baix-Empordanos were running out of strength, but a miraculous 3+1 by Torrent and another triple by Solé gave Carles Rofes some breathing space, who were ahead (51-52). The nerves had changed sides and Bilbao missed three free throws that kept the Bisbalans ahead (51-54). The seconds passed, the Basques were completely denied and the dream was getting closer and closer (51-55). And the fact that Bilbao loaded the offensive rebound and had triples apparently delivered, but luck was on the side of Carles Rofes, who with a triple from Torrent almost had half promotion in their pocket less than a minute and a half from the end (52-58). Then Torrent himself and Dibba missed four free throws that gave the Basques extra life, but an unsportsmanlike act ended Bilbao’s resistance and certified the historic promotion to the third category of Spanish basketball for the Baix Empordà club (55-63 ).

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