Due to lack of space for the two French teams at Clairefontaine, the Blues go directly to England

Ten days after the end of the Championship won by OL against PSG (2-1) and two after the final of the Champions League lost by Lyon against Barcelona (0-2), the French internationals will extend their season with two qualifying matches for the Euro against England on May 31 and June 4. Hervé Renard’s players will not prepare for this double confrontation at Clairefontaine. They will meet this Monday noon at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport from where they will take off in the afternoon to reach Newcastle, where the first of the two matches will be played.

The reason ? Didier Deschamps’ Blues arrive at Clairefontaine on Wednesday to prepare for the Euro (June 14 to July 14). The French had already faced a similar situation at the end of May 2019, when they were preparing to play the World Cup at home. They had not been able to stay in Clairefontaine and had moved just opposite, to the Domaine de la Voisine, leaving the castle to Deschamps’ men who were preparing a friendly against Bolivia followed by a qualifying match for Euro 2020 in Turkey.

It wasn’t about “chasing” girls

Contacted, the FFF explained that the Blues, as usual, would have left on Wednesday morning. The choice was therefore made to go directly to England. It was not a question of “hunting” the girls, it was just a matter of practicality in order to avoid moving in one direction or the other, the castle not being able to accommodate both teams. Hervé Renard, the boss of the Bleues, for his part made it known that “nothing [le] disturbs [ait] “. “I adapt all the time,” the coach simply retorted.


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