Dilara Kruse Makes a Bold Statement with Designer Table Purchase

Dilara Kruse Makes a Bold Statement with Designer Table Purchase

A woman doesn’t treat herself to anything else.

For a long time it was quiet around the once cheekiest player’s wife in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. But now Dilara Kruse is finally speaking out again. And announce something BIG.

Because the social media queen has moved within Berlin with her husband and ex-professional Max Kruse (36). There are a lot of new purchases coming up. And they aren’t cheap.

“Dad has already ordered our designer table in Hamburg, which costs 7,000 euros,” reveals the influencer on her Instagram channel (95,400 followers). “But it’s so beautiful, so, so beautiful. Extremely expensive, but I saved money on other things.” Soso…

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After all, the individually made piece of furniture was priced down and was originally supposed to cost 8,000 euros.

Almost in the same breath, she would like to put a stop to any possible envy debate and potential hate comments and explains: “It is almost three meters long. And, that’s marble. And I worked for it. And I wanted this table. And that’s why I buy it.”

The former candidate of the trash TV format “Celebrity Big Brother” continued: “It should stay for the rest of my life. Then I’d rather save a little on other things.”

Dilara always gives her fans deep insights. For example, here in her bathroom…

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Where does all the coal come from? “I still haven’t spent the fee from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. I can pay for it from that,” emphasizes Dilara.

She doesn’t say how she otherwise earns her money. Definitely not with the clothing trade. Because Dilara rejects requests from fans who want her underwear.

“I get a lot of messages asking if I sell my underwear, if I could get naked…” Dilara lists and then makes it clear in her authentic way: “Bro!” Am I giving the f***ing impression that I need money?”

The former employee of a shisha bar continued: “Even if I needed money, I would clean the toilets instead of taking off my clothes or selling my body.”

Her appeal to followers: “Stop sending me things like that. Although I would earn well…”

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