Defending Champions Ratiopharm Ulm Shockingly Knocked Out of Playoffs by Würzburg Baskets

It’s over: German basketball champion ratiopharm Ulm is out! Ulm lost their fourth playoff game against Würzburg 72:75 and thus lost the quarter-final series.

The season for ratiopharm Ulm has ended surprisingly early. There was great disappointment among Ulm players and fans after a dramatic game. “That really hurts,” said Ulm captain Thomas Klepeisz on the Dyn microphone. “It was the little things that made the difference. They played themselves into a similar frenzy to us last year, they had a lot of self-confidence. That’s why they turned the game around and won.” In fact, Würzburg fought selflessly without their best player, gave it their all and managed a small miracle. In the end, the German champions were no match for the fighting spirit and the hot atmosphere in Würzburg. The series went 3:1 to Würzburg Baskets.

Ratiopharm Ulm: Only one goal in the first five minutes

The intensity, but also the nervousness, are noticeable from the first second in the sold-out Würzburg Arena. The match is too important – for both sides. Ulm defends well. But the first five attacks come to nothing. LJ Figueroa shortens the score to 3:5 with a three-pointer. It remains Ulm’s only basket in the first five minutes. Almost everything goes just wide from Ulm’s point of view, while Würzburg are not good either, but are better at shooting. With the score at 5:12, Coach Gavel calls the first timeout. But Ulm continues to act almost fearfully and loses the ball. The deficit grows to eleven points (5:16). But at the end of the quarter, the ratiopharm team suddenly converts three long-range shots in a row and finally gains confidence. Only 14:16 from Ulm’s point of view.

Disappointed faces of the Ulm players. Ratiopharm Ulm has been eliminated from the playoffs after the 72:75 defeat at the Würzburg Baskets. The mission to defend the title failed surprisingly early for Ulm. IMAGO Imago / HMB-Media

But the German champions are unable to turn things around. The Würzburg Baskets find their way into the game better, spurred on by a frenetic crowd, fight with full commitment for every rebound and extend their lead to 24:16. But the Franconians also make mistakes, while the ratiopharm team defends very attentively. Juan Nunez gives Ulm the first lead. The young Ulm point guard misses two free throws, but then gets his own offensive rebound, dribbles to the three-point line and scores to make it 26:24. It is an intense playoff battle. Few points. Lots of fouls. Ulm cannot really find a rhythm and is behind again at halftime, 31:36.

Karim Jallow takes over in the third quarter

There is hardly any confidence or self-assurance to be seen in Ulm. So far, there are many signs that Würzburg, as an outsider without their injured best player, will actually manage to knock the German champions out of the playoffs. At the start of the second half, it remains a close match. Ulm manages some things against a self-sacrificing Würzburg team, but by no means everything. Karim Jallow takes over the game for Ulm, converting his third three-pointer to give them a 50:49 lead. Pure excitement at the end of the third quarter. 54:53 for Ulm.

Ratiopharm Ulm in the lead until ten seconds before the end

Now Ulm are letting the ball run well in attack, repeatedly finding the free man close to the basket. The hosts are hitting back, mainly with long-range shots. It’s an open race. Ulm gradually seems to be taking control, leading by six points with just over two minutes to go. But Würzburg is also making difficult shots. 30 seconds before the siren, de Paula misses a three-pointer, but Ulm is still leading 72:71. Isaiah Washington takes the lead back for Würzburg with two free throws. The champions then have ten seconds left to score the winning goal at 72:73. But the pass doesn’t reach center Nicolas Bretzel. Ulm has to foul, and then has three seconds left for a possible three-pointer to tie the game. Jessup misses. It’s over, the season is over. Ulm loses 72:75.

Ratiopharm team says goodbye to its fans on Saturday

For champion coach Anton Gavel, it was the last game in Ulm before he goes to Bamberg in the summer. “We didn’t start well in any of the four games and then found ourselves trailing,” explained Gavel after the game. “We then improved and had a six-point lead in the fourth quarter, but we couldn’t hold on to it. We should have handled that better.” The coach and the team want to say goodbye to their fans on Saturday at 5 p.m. at the Orange Campus in Neu-Ulm.

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