Davina Geiss, Daughter of “Geissens”, Thrown Out of Photo Shoot for Showing Up Drunk

Davina Geiss, Daughter of “Geissens”, Thrown Out of Photo Shoot for Showing Up Drunk

“Geissens” daughter Davina shows up drunk at a photo shoot. Her father and sister are horrified by her behavior – and throw her out.

Davina Geiss and her dad Robert are otherwise one and the same. – Instagram / @davinageiss

the essentials in brief

  • Davina Geiss appears drunk at one of her father Robert’s shoots.
  • The shooting was planned for Robert’s own fashion collection “Roberto Geissini”.
  • Robert and sister Shania are upset about the unprofessional behavior.


“Geissens” star Davina (20) is causing a stir!

The daughter of Robert Geiss (60) and Carmen Geiss (59) showed up at a photo shoot completely drunk. A job for her father’s fashion label.

Davina’s behavior not only angered her father, but also her younger sister Shania (19). Both spoke clearly about the incident.

“That’s a no-go”

Robert Geiss was visibly angry about his daughter’s behavior. “That’s a no-go,” he said, condemning his daughter’s misconduct at work.

Have you ever been drunk at work?


Yes, that has happened before.


Yes, that has happened before.


No, I am very professional.


No, I am very professional.

The photo shoot was planned for his fashion collection “Roberto Geissini” and Davina’s condition was more than unsuitable for it.

Davina Geiss is the brand ambassador for the premium sparkling wine brand “JustBe Drinks”. – Instagram /@davinageiss

Shania also found clear words for her sister. “Davina is completely gone,” she noted, adding: “It’s really unprofessional on set.” Davina’s condition prevented her from posing properly.

She was just too drunk. The consequence? She had to go. “Davina was kicked out because she didn’t do her job properly.” Sister Shania explained.



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