Dates, classified teams, venue, draw, format, stars and players 13

Dates, classified teams, venue, draw, format, stars and players 13

The Kings League phenomenon goes to the next level with the dispute of the first World Cup in the universe. Made up of 32 teams that will fight to become the first champion, Mexico, more specifically Monterrey, will host the competition that will start on the day May 26 and will end on June 9 with the celebration of the Final Four at the BBVA stadium.

In the absence of knowing the teams that will qualify after the play-off between the teams from Spain and Americaand also from the last country that signs up for the great event, these are the participants:

Kings League Spain:

Annihilators (Juan Guarnizo), Saiyans (TheGrefg), Giants (Gerard Romero), Ultimate Mostoles (DjMariio), The Trunks (Perxita), 1K FC (Iker Casillas), Kunisports (Agüero only), Pigs (Llanos River)

Kings League Americas:

Royal Titan (German Garmendia), Caligari plush (Montiel Brothers), Ranizas FC (Alana and Barca), West Santos FC (Westcol and Arcángel), Persians FC (Zein), Olympus United (Chicharito), Caribbean Galactics (Los Futbolitos and Alofoke) and Boys (Gero Ashes)

Rest of the world:

G3X (Gaul – Brasil), Furia FC (Neymar, Falcao – Brazil), Foot2Rue (Amine, Nasri and Menez – France), Youniors FC (Mario Götze and Younes – Germany), Deptostra FC (Céline Dept and Eden Hazard – Belgium), FIVE (Rio Ferdinand and Jeremy Lynch – United Kingdom), Murash FC (Junichi Kato – Japan), SBX (SHoNgxBoNg – Saudi Arabia), Stallions (Blur y Totti – Italy), Lemon FC (Elraenn – Türkiye) and UA Steel (Leb1ga and Shevchenko – Ukraine).

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will act as president of the competition. The Swedish forward accepts the challenge of leading a World Cup that will feature many of the players he has faced during his successful career.

Ibrahimovic, king of the Kings League / Kings League World Cup

RE-FISHING MATCHES: (Spain and Americas)

xBuyer Team (Buyer Brothers) – Atlético Partners (James Rodriguez)
Barcelona Lightning (Spursito) – Los Aliens (Castro 1021)
The neighborhood (Adri Contreras) VS Ravens Club (Mercedes Roa)
PIO FC (Rivers) – The Chamos (TheDonato & Yolo)


Kings League World Cup format:

The teams will compete in a Swiss system: during the initial phase, 40 matches will be played before moving on to the knockout rounds: round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. The first phase will consist of two sub-phases, in addition to a ‘last chance’ block to advance to the next round. The objective is simple: get two victories and reach the final phase.

This will be the format of the Kings League / Kings League World Cup

As the same account of the competition explains, in the first phase, The 8 Spanish teams cannot face each other, nor can the Americans or those in the play-offs.

PLAYERS 11, 12 AND 13

Annihilators: Javier Espinosa, Hugo Fraile and Gerard Verge
Pigs: Nadir Louah, Pablo Hernández and Mateo Musacchio
Saiyans: Augusto, Mantovani and David López
Ultimate Mostoles: Choir, Of ​​Beauty and Mata
The Trunks: Carles Planas, Joan Verdú and Max Marcet
The neighborhood: Gerard Nolla, Marc Valiente and Juanfran Torres
Jijantes FC: Nando Quesada, Sergi Juste and Diego Díaz
1K: Marc Torrejón, David Barral

Where to watch the Kings League World Cup

The event that will start May 26 and will end on June 9 at the BBVA stadium in Monterreyit can be followed on the competition’s social networks as well as on

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