Czech Republic’s Hockey Championship Victory Sparks Controversy: Where Was Russia?

Czech Republic’s Hockey Championship Victory Sparks Controversy: Where Was Russia?

31/05/2024 15:20 | Conversation

At the World Championship, which the Czech Republic won to the great joy of local hockey fans, it is often remarked that although the Czechs defeated many elite teams, the defeat of Russia was missing this time. “In short, Russia still belongs in the top league with Sweden, Canada, the USA and Finland,” says commentator Tomáš Vyoral. At the same time, he failed in front of the national team. “I owe an apology to the defense, goalkeeper Dostál and especially coach Rulík,” he says, given that he did not expect such a good result. And he evaluates how much it bothers him that the Czechs did not face the Russians this time.


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Slovak and Czech celebrities are sending a message in the form of a petition to the Kellners, because they own the television station Markíza, where normalization and “urbanization” are supposed to take place. Where did the once-vaunted “private company, it can do what it wants” go?

As soon as any message is sent by a large number of so-called personalities, it is necessary to become smarter. Especially when it comes to the quasi-artistic community, because it shows strong signs of sectarianism and closure in an always pro-regime tuned bubble. I don’t know if this is the case. Often when something like this happens, the exact opposite of what this group of people is pointing out is closer to the truth. Otherwise, as for those private companies and so on, it is similar to our so-called democracy, in which you have the right to your opinion, but alas, how different it is from ours. It is interesting that those personalities see normalization and “urbanization” in Slovakia, but the Brussels Politburo, which normalizes, orders, blackmails, corrupts, subsidizes and extorts ordinary citizens of member countries for the benefit of its bureaucratic apparatus, leaves them ice cold. In fact, on the contrary, they are almost still singing parts and the left is shouting forward.

Pirates robbed Jiří Strach of his Angel of the Lord as part of a spot for the European elections. In particular, Foreign Minister Lipavský stood out in a white robe. Shouldn’t the foreign minister in particular think at least a little about his dignity?

Of course he had in the normal world. And not just the foreign minister. However, in the current crooked era – crooked characters, not the time itself – there is probably nothing to be surprised about. And parasitizing or robbing somewhere is such an evergreen, I think.

Alexandr Vondra also caused shame by taking a picture at the hockey championship with a flag on which the inscription Brussels was added with cardboard. By which he was able to provoke basically everyone. What do you think about Vondra’s extempore?

It’s just that it corresponds exactly with everything that Vondra represents and represents. And this practically from the beginning of his political involvement at that time, even as a member from abroad of a generously financed narrow group of prominent dissidents wrapped around Havel. You will know them not by their words, but by their actions. If Vondra presents himself as a conservative, slowly as a rocker who can go against the current, then he is just another one of the dead, or rather paid fish, that swim with the current.

Speaking of which, what do you say about the parasitism on hockey from the ranks of politicians who took pictures of it?

Overwhelmingly, posturing, bullshit, hypocrisy and fake populism. The effort to make a living on what is very close to the majority of the citizens of the Czech Republic. And it doesn’t matter whether they are government policies – which we saw above all – or non-government policies. I assume that if there were no cameras, lenses and social networks, and if they had to pay for the posing, almost none of them would be there.

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How do you feel about the argument that the title diminishes the absence of the Russian team at the championships?


Who will you vote for in the European elections?

voted: 14700 people

In the words of the classic Jára Cimrman: We can argue about it, we can disagree with it, but that’s about all that can be done about it. It is simply a fact, no matter how anyone claims otherwise. In short, Russia still belongs to the top league with Sweden, Canada, the USA and Finland. With all due respect to the Swiss, Slovaks and our Czech hockey players and their incredible performance at this year’s championship. In any case, I would not overestimate the reduction either, because in the elimination phase our players defeated two – in my opinion, the best selections, i.e. the USA and Sweden, and then the Swiss team, full of stars of the “golden generation without a gold medal” and playing perfectly. And at this point, I would like to give a big hug in front of the entire national team, all players, assistant coaches and coach Rulík himself. Because what they performed was a feast for the eyes years later, spiced up with a golden ending. And even if they did not reach the gold, such a performance full of commitment, almost without errors and with a goalkeeper at the level of Čechmánek, Vokoun or Hnilička – from those that I can remember – while Hašek was, with all due respect to the above-mentioned, a slightly higher league – deserved all credit. I owe the defense, goalkeeper Dostál and especially coach Rulík an apology for the fact that, after an incomprehensible to me player’s overworked and – from a fan’s point of view – botched preparation and the subsequent funeral nomination press, I had maximum faith in the quarter-finals. I chuckle deeply and shuffle my feet. All the players deserve a discharge for their accepted and excellent role.

Cocaine was found in the Chamber of Deputies. Are you surprised or is this such an open secret that it’s a wonder anyone is making news about it?

It’s not surprising that someone is making a report out of it, and on the contrary, it should be reported all the more. It’s a wonder, if anyone is wondering. Considering the performance, or rather the lack of performance, the complexes and the absence of the backbone of the unfortunately vast majority of current politicians clinging to functions, it should come as no surprise that it sometimes snows in the Chamber of Deputies even outside the ski season.

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