CJ.3: Longevida San Pablo and ICG Força Lleida Clinch Semifinal Spots in Final Four

CJ.3: Longevida San Pablo and ICG Força Lleida Clinch Semifinal Spots in Final Four

CJ.3: Longevida San Pablo and ICG Força Lleida seal their tickets for their semifinal in the Final Four

Longevida San Pablo Burgos did not fail in Valladolid and neither did ICG Força Lleida in Alicante to close their respective qualifying rounds on the fast track (3-0) to reach the semifinals of the Final Four for promotion. The fight for the last two tickets will be much more even on the other side of the table after the victory with which Real Betis forced the fourth against Movistar Estudiantes and waiting for what happens on Sunday in San Sebastián after a new victory for the Group Ureta Tizona.


Longevida San Pablo and ICG Força Lleida are already Final Four teams where both will meet in the second semifinal. And they are thanks to their forcefulness (3-0) in a round of quarterfinals that will extend to the other side of the draw with the victory of Real Betis to force the fourth against Movistar Estudiantes (1-2) and the Group Ureta Tizona to take the lead against Guuk Gipuzkoa (2-1).

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Movistar Estudiantes was the first team to take to the court in search of a ticket to the Final Four, but as Pedro Rivero’s men could have previously intuited, their visit to Seville was not going to be far from easy. A match that began with the Sevillians dominating the game in the early stages to go 10 points ahead, which forced Pedro Rivero to make a move. A responsibility that, like in the duel at the Wizink Center, ended up in the hands of Francis Alonso who did not take long to explode with several consecutive actions with which to take the duel even to the locker room (SEE VIDEO). For its part, Real Betis used its classic resource of hot moments, supplying balls to Joaquín Rodríguez who had already warned of his intentions before the break with a dunk on the counterattack (SEE VIDEO) and which was decisive during the second half. Because the Sevillians did not lose face of their objective, taking the initiative and canceling any attempt at a rival comeback in order to force the fourth round of the series (90-84).

The other two teams that faced the night with the possibility of closing their qualifying rounds showed much more ease. Starting with a Longevida San Pablo Burgos who arrived in neighboring Valladolid accompanied by a good number of followers and very aware of what was at stake. Thus, Jota Cuspinera’s team did not take long to assume control of the match through a high pace of play that the Valladolid team were able to match during the first 10 minutes before beginning to give ground as the second went on. From that moment on, the match entered a terrain very similar to that of the previous two with the locals giving ground to a rival who began to completely control the match until a final play in which captain Álex Barrera closed the final score. (WATCH VIDEO). A victory with which to make the final 3-0 on their way to the Final Four (75-91).

And just a few moments later, the people from Burgos were even going to meet their rival for the semifinals since ICG Força Lleida was not going to fail in their first duel in Alicante. A match that was choked at the beginning for Antonio Pérez’s team given the great staging of an ICG Força Lleida that needed just 15 minutes to break the match with an overwhelming partial (14-40). And although HLA Alicante managed to let loose in attack in the final stretch of the first half and the first bars of the second, the success of Diogo Brito from 6.75 (SEE VIDEO) once again put Gerard Find’s team in their position. way to be able to close the definitive victory towards a Final Four (68-73) celebrated with his fans (SEE VIDEO).

The night was going to be completed from San Sebastián with the only series that had reached its third game tied. A tie in which the Ureta Tizona Group had to work very hard to recover the home court factor against an opponent that had had its options throughout the 40 minutes. Because, after the solid start of the Burgos players marking ground on both sides of the court, the Sandiarras were able to come back on the scoreboard with a spectacular second quarter (37p) in which the physical superiority of Sandi Marcius under the rings made the yours (SEE VIDEO). It seemed that the night was going to take on a local color when the passage through the locker room changed everything again. And the Ureta Tizona Group did not waste its opportunity, driven by two consecutive triples from Jofresa and led by an inside game in which Arnau Parrado knew how to play his cards (SEE VIDEO) to put the 2-1 in their favor (77-87 ).


Best of five games series. The four winners will qualify for the semifinals of the Final Four.

A) Movistar Estudiantes (2nd) vs Real Betis Baloncesto (9th)
J.1: 86-77 | 1-0 | MVP: J. Rodríguez – 31 val.
J.2: 98-73 | 2-0 | MVP: G. Ferrando – 27 val.
J.3: 90-84 | 2-1 | MVP: F. Alonso – 38 val.
J.4: Sunday, May 26 – 6:00 p.m. | Palace Dep. St. Paul’s (Seville)
J.5: Friday, May 31 – To be determined | Pab. WiZink Center (Madrid) *

B) Longevida San Pablo Burgos (3rd) vs UEMC Real Valladolid (8th)
J.1: 81-59 | 1-0 | MVP: L. Nwogbo – 23 val.
J.2: 91-61 | 2-0 | MVP: M. Speight – 26 val.
J.3: 75-91 | 3-0 | MVP: D. Ristic – 25 val.

C) ICG Força Lleida (4th) vs HLA Alicante (7th)
J.1: 84-73 | 1-0 | MVP: C. Krutwig – 28 val.
J.2: 88-68 | 2-0 | MVP: B. Davison – 25 val.
J.3: 68-73 | 3-0 | MVP: C. Krutwig – 17 val.

D) Grupo Ureta Tizona (5th) vs Guuk Gipuzkoa (6th)
J.1: 108-90 | 1-0 | MVP: I. Aurrecoechea – 29 val.
J.2: 90-92 | 1-1 |  MVP: A. Barcello – 32 val.
J.3: 77-87 | 2-1 | MVP: A. Barcello – 25 val.
J.4: Sunday, May 26 – 5:00 p.m. | Pab. Angulas Aguinaga Arena (San Sebastian)
J.5: Friday, May 31 – 8:45 p.m. | El Plantío Sports Center (Burgos) *

*If necessary


Semifinals: Saturday June 8
Final: Sunday June 9

S1: Winner A vs Winner D
S2: Longevida San Pablo vs ICG Força Lleida

Final: Winner S1 vs Winner S2

* Venue to be determined

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