Celebrating Excellence: Spanish Badminton Federation’s Success in Training and Development Program

Celebrating Excellence: Spanish Badminton Federation’s Success in Training and Development Program

The Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA) celebrates the extraordinary acceptance of its recent call for technicians and athletes, highlighting the firm commitment to training and methodological updating in the field of national badminton.

The call for positions for technicians has exceeded all expectations. Initially, the Federation had published the availability of 5 places. However, due to the high demand, with 17 applications submitted, the FESBA has decided to expand this number to 12. This additional effort, both economic and logistical, reflects the Federation’s commitment to the continuous training of technicians, considered key players. in the development and improvement of badminton in Spain.

Among the selected technicians there is a mix of proven professionals such as Yoana Martínez (CTD País Vasco), Gustavo López (BadFlay, Andalusia) and young technicians with projection and hunger to learn such as Mónica Ospina (Oviedo, Asturias), Víctor Ortega (Soria, Castilla León ) and Nerea Ivorra (Beneixama, Valencian Community), among others.

The initiative has been received with great enthusiasm in the Spanish badminton community, focusing not only on athletes, but especially on technicians. This technicalization program, which will take place from June 13 to 16, 2024 in Madrid, will once again feature the participation of technical expert Lennart Engler, who will provide new technical content and a renewed methodological approach.

This type of activities aims to update the methodology, didactics and content, in order to strengthen the foundations of our athletes so that they obtain better results in higher categories.

The call also includes a large group of athletes from different categories, who will benefit from this technical training program.

In addition, the concentration will have the presence of technicians such as Arturo Ruiz (Sports Director), Ernesto García Martínez (Deputy Sports Director) and Lucía Galvín (Fesba Administration), who will supervise the activities and ensure the correct development of the program.

The Spanish Badminton Federation appreciates the involvement of all the technicians, athletes, clubs and territorial federations that have shown interest in this initiative. The wide acceptance of this call underlines the importance of continuing to develop and improve technology at a national level, thus ensuring a bright future for Spanish badminton.
For more information about upcoming calls and activities, visit our official website.

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