Carlo Ancelotti Confirms Thibaut Courtois’ Return as Real Madrid’s Goalkeeper: A Debate on the Horizon

Carlo Ancelotti Confirms Thibaut Courtois’ Return as Real Madrid’s Goalkeeper: A Debate on the Horizon

As MARCA announced on Friday, Carlo Ancelotti confirmed in a press conference the return of Thibaut Courtois to the Real Madrid goal almost nine months later of his first injury of the season, a cruciate ligament tear that had as a consequence, in the middle of last March and when the Belgian was already facing his return to competition, a meniscus tear in his right knee, the ‘good’ one. .

Ancelotti cleared up any hint of doubt about Courtois’ ownership in this afternoon’s match against Cádiz… but opened the door to a debate which will inevitably affect the goal if the Belgian’s recovery allows him to recover his best level, the one that had him very firmly established in the consideration of the best goalkeeper in the world for a majority of analysts.

Ancelotti: “Tomorrow Courtois will play, Lunin will play against Bayern… then we’ll see”

‘Carletto’ also made it very clear that Andriy Lunin will start Wednesday’s match against Bayern Munich, in a match that the club places far above in terms of significance than today’s match against Cádiz. The coach is fair to Lunin, who has just stood out in the European qualifiers against Leipzig and City, although it is true that he has also left some shadows. And that is where Courtois’ figure grows, thinking above all of a hypothetical victory for Madrid on Wednesday against Bayern, which I would leave three long weeks ahead so that Courtois could continue fine-tuning his set-up before the final.

The Belgian could use the League matches as filming, since, although Madrid does not mathematically win the title today, it seems quite on track for the Madrid team, and its certification seems only a matter of time.

The debate returns

The truth is that Courtois’ recovery for the final stretch of the season reopens a debate that seemed to have already been overcome in Madrid. It had as protagonists a Cape Arrizabalaga of Lunin in the first months of the season, when, after the Belgian’s injury, Madrid obtained the Spanish goalkeeper on loan, a sign that confidence in Lunin was not absolute.

In fact, Kepa was Ancelotti’s first choice, although some of his performances, such as those in the Spanish League and Super Cup derbies, left more doubts than certainties. To the point that Ancelotti established an alternation in the team’s goal that did not convince anyone, before finally opting for the Ukrainian goalwho will not be able to win a more than deserved Zamora 23-24 Trophy as a result of that period of doubts in the white ‘staff’, which will not allow him to reach the figure of 28 games required to qualify for the award for the best goalkeeper in the team. League.

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