Belgium Dominates Australia in Pro League Match: Olympic Selection Looms

Belgium Dominates Australia in Pro League Match: Olympic Selection Looms

Belgium 5–1 Australia

Belgium: Vanasch; Boccard, Van Doren, De Sloover, Hendrickx; Denayer, Kina, Wegnez; Onana, van Aubel, Stockbroekx; puis Dohmen, Ghislain, Luypaert, Van Oost, Charlier

Australie: Charter; Weyer, Harvie, Wickham, Ephraums, Ockenden, Whetton, Zalewski, Ogilvie, Beale, Hayward; puis Sharp, Craig, Beltz, Govers, Brand, Howard

Referee: MM. B. Goentgen (All) and O. Ingwersen (All)

Green cards: 18th Beale, 38th Wegnez, 56th Hendrickx

Yellow cards: 39th Beale, 59th Wegnez

The goals: 8th Denayer (1-0), 15th Sharp (1-1), 18th Hendrickx on stroke (2-1), 29th Denayer (3-1), 36th Onana (4-1), 48th Stockbroekx (5- 1)

Penalty corner: Belgium (1/5) and Australia (0/8)

After a disappointing week of Pro League, the Red Lions have raised the bar radically. Against Australia (FIH 2), the Red Lions played ‘Red Lions style’. The returns of the two Arthurs (Van Doren and De Sloover) brought a new lease of life which quickly reflected on the whole group. The Belgians, who were hungry, were superior at all levels. With a team where everyone can hope to appear in the Olympic selection, the game was much more fluid and therefore faster. The goals piled up.

The fears linked to the selection were not visible during the 60 minutes. The selection is on the minds of the 24 Red Lions and 24 Panthers who are competing in these three Pro League blocks. It is time for athletes to decide on their fate. The federation remained very vague on the date of distribution of the long-awaited list. The first clues coming from the ARBH and the athletes mentioned a day between blocks two and three, that is to say between June 3 and 22. The date of June 20 held the string. In other words, the members of the two national teams still have the four matches of the week and 10 days of training to convince Michel Van den Heuvel and Raoul Ehren.

But, according to the COIB, the selection will be revealed during a press conference scheduled for July 5 (or 6), five days after the last Pro League match. The date is much too late. The COIB and the ARBH will meet on Thursday to agree on the agendas.

It is highly likely that the two coaches will announce to their players the names of the 16 (+3) elected before the meeting on June 23 for the Red Panthers and June 24 for the Red Lions. Thus, the two Olympic cores will be able to perfect their automatisms during the last four big Pro League matches against England and especially against the Netherlands.

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