Arne Slot’s Departure Leaves Big Shoes to Fill at Feyenoord

Arne Slot’s Departure Leaves Big Shoes to Fill at Feyenoord

Despite the good results of the Rotterdam club, Dennis te Kloese has a big job ahead of him when the summer break arrives for the Eredivisie footballers. Arne Slot is leaving the ship, but finding a new captain is a major challenge.

Martijn Krabbendam analyzes in Football International what Slot actually means for Feyenoord. “In fact, Arne Slot achieved the impossible: he actually managed to change Feyenoord. The club that let its playing style depend on who was the coach, now has a new identity. Since the arrival of Slot, Feyenoord has stood for attacking, adventurous, dominant and especially energetic football.”

He continues for a moment and elaborates that Arnesen’s choice for Slot was the right one. “Slot managed to convey his vision, not only to the players, but to the entire club. Feyenoord had already initiated a number of changes under former technical director Frank Arnesen, by redesigning the youth academy and scouting with the help of Sportsology. Feyenoord also made a move in the areas of nutrition, medical and performance around the first team. Arnesen then made perhaps one of the best decisions in the club’s recent history, by responding to the tip that Slot, when a trainer at AZ, was open to the job in De Kuip.”

Slot has made his mark in Rotterdam, everyone can confirm that. Krabbendam: “Slot’s playing principles were so ingrained that Feyenoord was able to sell players for more and more money and that the purchases quickly caught on to the playing style and way of working. Every Feyenoord player admired Slot’s didactic qualities He could explain what he wanted so well that everyone understood.”


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