An unprecedented salvation for UD Las Palmas: Netflix’s Yellow League – La Provincia

An unprecedented salvation for UD Las Palmas: Netflix’s Yellow League – La Provincia

There are scenarios that have no justification. Las Palmas, 32 goals in 37 games, the second worst scoring record since 1986-87 in the top category, conquered the goal showing off both sides. Pío Pío literature with a paragraphs of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He hit the sky in the first round, the best beat since 79-80, and then fell into a depression that statistics pointed to relegation. But he will conclude with a party.

In the purest style of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. A bipolar UD (statistically, not in the game) that achieved salvation in an incredible way. There is no precedent in the previous 92 seasons of history of the First. What Pimienta’s painting achieved does not appear in the history books. Kiss the permanence after a majestic start and then celebrated the continuity in the attic of the ball without the need to win. They have gone the last thirteen days without smiling.

The UD players are grateful for Naciente’s support after the draw against Betis. / THE PROVINCE / DLP

In the most critical section, they chained eight consecutive defeats, which was a guarantee of burning in hell. But the yellow club thing is from Netflix. Superproduction with a record start and absolute collapse. Two faces, two aspects and one objective achieved with the lowest investment in Pimienta’s raw materials (27 million employees of the 32 available in the salary margin, reduced to 22 kilos, since five are to amortize the dismissal of Viera). On February 11, after UD’s last victory against Valencia (2-0), Pimi’s legionnaires surpassed all records (35 points, 20 goals against). The best version in points since 79-80 and on a defensive level, the best data, equaling that of 01-02, from Las Palmas’ time in the top category (35 campaigns since 51-52).

In 79-80, Antonio Ruiz’s pupils accounted for 38 points (27 under the two-point formula) and finished in 12th position. They won two games until the end of the League (34th matchday), while Pimienta’s team has lowered the blinds, in the absence of a fight against Alavés, without a success. In the sequence of thirteen days without winning: nine defeats and four draws.

32 goals in 37 games

In this catwalk of inexplicable situations, UD stages its particular conquest of Everest with one day remaining with 32 goals in favor (39 points). It is the second lowest mark since the Gran Canaria club’s 86-87 campaign in the top category. Only in 17-18, with Paco Jémez, during the Emenike apocalypse, did he show a lower scoring mark at kilometer point 37 (only with 23 goals).

In the rest of the season, the figure of 32 goals is far exceeded: 16-17 (+53), 15-16 (+44), 01-02 (+39), 00-01 (+41) and in 87-88 (+42). In 86-87 (+46) and 85-86 (+37), the competition was reduced to 34 league games.

From Pepper to Kresic. The Barcelona coach clones the Spanish-Croat’s feat of achieving promotion in yellow and then capturing that continuity with permanence. The Split strategist went up at 99-00 and achieved salvation at 00-01. But it had a posh squad with faces like Samways, Jarni, Josico, Edu Alonso, Cicovic, Ramón, Lago, Eloy, Olías, Orlandito, Baiano and Jaime Molina. Finally, the appearance of youth players like Jorge Larena, Ángel López and especially Antonio Guayre, who would later be transferred to Villarreal CF for six million (2001). Kresic turned to the La Isleta gunman due to the alarming lack of goals, but he finished the season with 42 goals and 46 points. UD’s current ceiling is 42 points, which can allow it to sleep in 13th position as a successful finisher in the League.

In this rollercoaster course, debutants in the category such as Álvaro Valles (3,174 minutes), Kirian Rodríguez (3,126′), Sergi Cardona (2,816′), Álex Suárez (2,501′), Saúl Coco (2,203′) or Alberto Moleiro ( 1,717′) have dazzled at an outstanding level. From Siete Palmas Annex to stardom. The La Rinconada goalkeeper and ’20’, who wears the bracelet, reached the De la Fuente pre-list. To find a precedent of such caliber you have to go back to 16-17 with Setién, when Vicente Gómez and Roque Mesa sneaked into Julen Lopetegui’s prelita. But they had 15-16 room to adapt last season.

Two faces and the weight of the quarry. The support of the fans has been the majority, with a total number of 430, 125 yellow faithful in the 18 games in Gran Canaria. Record number of cards in the almost 75 years of the entity (25,032) and the fans’ party against Alavés this Sunday (3:15 p.m., DAZN). An incredible season, lacking in precedent. ‘Unión Deportivo the unusual’. High quota of merit and the indecipherable. From touching the sky (February 20) with record numbers in the history of UD in First Division to overcoming the cursed test of eight defeats. The never seen. A shield embracing the impossible.

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