A Star Shines Again: Reliving the Glory of Varese Basketball’s 1999 Scudetto Victory

A Star Shines Again: Reliving the Glory of Varese Basketball’s 1999 Scudetto Victory

A star shines again in the sky of Varese.

He does it thanks to We Are Basketball which, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Scudetto from the Varese Basketball Star from 1999brings to life the unique emotions of that magnificent Game 3 against Treviso to all those who were there and also to those who were not there, for a match, re-screened in its entirety, which still today indelibly marks the daily life of anyone who supports the red and whites or is part of that club.

All this in the evening of the MIV Cinema in Varese, more precisely in the Giove room, packed with fans, professionals, representatives of the Varese Basketball team of yesterday and today, all together to relive moments and sensations that today seem so distant and yet still so vivid in the hearts and eyes of everyone present and beyond.

We then move on from the voice of Antonio Franzi, masterful host of an evening which even for him, who at the time was the television voice of Rete55, is a dive into the sweetest past; from Toto ed Edoardo Bulgheroniyes Gianni Chiapparoyes Sandro Galleanida coach Carlo Recalcati, by all those who worked in that company in the “rear”; from those who are no longer here, how Dodo Colombofrom those who are now in today’s Varese Basketball as the two GMs Sogolow e Horowitz.

A unique evening, in which even the choice to screen the match without commentary proved to be a winning one, because it allowed us to live in complete immersion in the deafening noises of that 11 May 1999 at the Masnago stadium, in which they resonated for 40 ′ over 5000 trumpets, for one epic soundtracklike those of the great films, which still today marks the red and white history and which thanks to Il Basket Siamo Noi has come back to life for a night in which, despite the incessant rain, a star has returned to shine in the sky of Varese.

All photos by Angelo Puricelli of Agenzia Blitz.

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2024-05-21 08:03:42
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