2026 World Baseball Classic Venues Officially Announced

2026 World Baseball Classic Venues Officially Announced

The Major Leagues made official the venues for the next 2026 World Baseball Classic.

As happened a year ago, the Miami Marlins stadium in Florida will host each of the four rounds, including the Final match.

The competition, which will take place in March 2026, will also have games in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the Group A matches will take place; in Tokyo, Japan, which will host Group C, and in Houston, where the Group D and Quarterfinal matches will be held. Miami will host Group D, the Quarterfinals, Semis and Final.

The venues of the World Classic. Credit: Special

In 2023, the world tournament was expanded to 20 teams for the first time, with Japan becoming the champion, a nation that beat Mexico in the Semifinal and then dispatched the United States in the defining match.

Mexico, like 15 other nations, has already secured its place for the sixth edition of the contest thanks to finishing first in its group in the last edition.

In 2025, the qualifying stages will be played, in which countries such as Germany, Argentina, Brazil, China, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Spain, France, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa will seek the four available tickets.

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