0-0: Avilés will play for salvation at home

0-0: Avilés will play for salvation at home

Great draw for Avilés in Ciudad Real. The blue and white team, who suffered for much of the match trying to face a good Manchego, achieved a more than satisfying draw so that everything is now alive for the return leg at the Suárez Puerta. The winner next Sunday in the Avilés field will be the one who achieves the long-awaited salvation.

Avilés started the duel knowing that a draw was good for their interests. Before the first attacks by Manchego, who wanted to take the lead quickly, the blue and white tried to keep the clock running, taking time to get up after the duels and being patient when it came to getting the ball played. Of course, those from Castilla-La Mancha didn’t seem to care, because thanks to coming out with one more gear they had the first of the match, thanks to a spectacular cross from Peter.

In his first eleven, Rozada opted for the return of Álvaro Fernández to the goal after three consecutive substitutions and for placing Jesús del Amo on one side of the defense, leaving Iván Serrano on the bench. That adjustment seemed to matter little to Pato Graff, local and former Sporting coach, who during the first few moments focused his attacks on the right wing, trying to tickle Trabanco, who was impeccable in defense.

Manchego continued with its attacks, but little by little Avilés began to remove the cobwebs. Davo Fernández tried first, with a shot that went over the crossbar, to which the blues responded with a shot from Carlos Jiménez. The match went through a valley, although the blue and white team almost had a scare. Julio made a mistake by anticipating, something that Manchego took advantage of to stand in the Aviles area, although he played it, which he tried to finish with a bicycle kick, it finally ended in nothing.

Jorge tested Carlos Mena again with a shot from distance that almost got complicated, since the goalkeeper failed to block the ball, but Claudio, who reached the rebound, was offside. Before reaching the break and after the hydration break came the two clearest chances for both teams. Natalio missed a header in the small area after a cross from Trabanc, while José Ramón, changing wings to try to beat the Gijon side, found his back into space, but he ran out of meter and Álvaro Fernández was able to save him.

In the second half, which after the initial whistle the game was stopped for six minutes because a fan suffered heatstroke, Manchego started even stronger, looking even harder for the first goal of the game. As soon as the ball started rolling again, Peter had the first, but his chance was lost due to a blatant error by the player himself. Álvaro Fernández became a giant, reducing all the Castilian-Manchego attacks. It is worth highlighting a great save, going down, from a shot that came in just past the Madrid native’s right post. To try to turn the tables Rozada used his bench, bringing out Isma Cerro and Joel del Pino for Natalio and Jorge, in order to have fresh legs and try to find his team in attack.

The intervention of the Oviedo player was of little use, since Manchego was still convinced in seeking a 1-0 lead. Barri, a former Avilés player, hit a very dangerous cross that, after passing through the entire area, found no finisher. The match had to be stopped again due to another heatstroke in the stands and, after the break, Rozada brought on Sierra for Claudio, leaving Isma Cerro as the only offensive reference.

Choche again sought to tickle Álvaro Fernández with a shot from outside the area that was close to becoming complicated, but the Madrid native, the best of the match for Avilés, cleared it for a corner to solve the danger. After the referee’s decision, which added 14 minutes of stoppage time, Manchego once again had a great chance, but the poor connection between their forwards, with two men in the area, meant that the blue and white team could bail out water without problems. As the last decision, Rozada brought out Iván Serrano for Davo Fernández, to place a double lateral and tie up the match.

Good result for Avilés, who are more than alive in the tie and now everything will be played at their home, Suárez Puerta. Rozada will now have one more week of work to try to survive this final for permanence.

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