Violent Attack on Engaged Couples in Marsala: Police Investigation Underway

Violent Attack on Engaged Couples in Marsala: Police Investigation Underway

Violence among very young people does not stop. Thus two engaged couples were attacked in Marsala with a baseball bat, ending up in hospital due to their injuries. The police, alerted by a young woman who assisted and rescued the boys, identified the attacker shortly afterwards. Investigations underway.

Bad adventure for a sixteen-year-old student from Castelvetrano, J.C, who, unable to stay away from his girlfriend, had traveled an hour and a half on the provincial road to Marsala with his minicar, to meet a fourteen-year-old he had known for about a month thanks to a mutual friend.

The kids, after a stroll through the streets of the city, stopped around 6pm in via Mario Gandolfo. Meanwhile, a call arrived on the girl’s cell phone warning that one of her friends (Anna, a fictitious name) would arrive shortly to meet the two. After about ten minutes Anna arrived and sat in the back of the minicar.
The three were talking about this and that when a boy approached from the driver’s side, also a minor, telling the young student from Castelvetrano not to move because a friend who wanted to talk to him would arrive shortly.

After a very short time, a boy, still a minor, got out of another minicar and without any explanation broke the glass at the rear of the vehicle with an iron baseball bat, hitting the young student on the head. The girlfriend, fearing the worst, with considerable courage, got out of the vehicle and threw herself at the attacker to protect her boyfriend.

The young woman was thrown to the ground on the road, risking ending up under some passing car. The mutual friend Anna, who apparently had been the involuntary cause of the attack, meanwhile, had managed to escape while a group of three minors witnessed the scene.

The intervention of a young woman who had witnessed the scene was decisive because it raised the alarm and allowed the student from Castelvetrano to walk away bleeding. Then the attacker got back into the vehicle and drove away. She was the same witness who called the police and 118 who rescued the young engaged couples.

For the boy, the application of some stitches to the head with a prognosis of twenty days; the girl was reported for a lacerated wound to the leg.

The student notified his parents in Castelvetrano who rushed to Marsala and together they reached the premises of the Carabinieri command to file a complaint on the facts which are being carefully verified, while the identity of the attacker is certain.

In the photo the damaged minicar of the two young people

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