Vietnam’s Badminton Sensation: Nguyen Thuy Linh Qualifies for 2024 Olympics

Vietnam’s Badminton Sensation: Nguyen Thuy Linh Qualifies for 2024 Olympics

Vietnam’s No. 1 female badminton player, Nguyen Thuy Linh, is not only talented but also has the beauty that thousands of people love.

Badminton’s ‘hot girl’ Nguyen Thuy Linh has just announced that she has officially earned a ticket to the 2024 Olympics. Vietnam’s No. 1 women’s tennis player wrote on her own personal page: To all of you who have loved and supported me throughout my journey, especially the 2024-year journey of accumulating points for the 2024 Olympics, today I would like to officially announce that I have qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

This is Thuy Linh’s second time competing in the Olympics in a row. At the 2nd Tokyo Olympics, Tui Lin, who was ranked 2020th in the world at the time, won 46 times against top players Qi Xuefei (France, world ranking 49th) and Sabrina Jacquet (Switzerland, world ranking 41st). No Vietnamese female badminton player in history has been as good as Thuy Linh.

After four years of development, Thuy Linh, currently ranked 24th in the world, is expected to continue to surprise at these Olympics.

Thuy Linh is currently attending the National Badminton Team Championship in Hue wearing a Dong Nai shirt. After this competition, athletes born in 1997 focused on training to prepare for the 2024 Olympics.

Thuy Linh was introduced to badminton thanks to her grandfather. When she was 10 years old, Thuy Linh was taken to Hanoi by her grandfather to apply for Coach Duong Thi Lien’s gifted class. “My grandfather is the one who instilled in me a passion for badminton and brought me to this sport. “When I was little, every day when I came home from school in the afternoon, I would ask my grandfather to take me out to the playground and watch people hit shuttlecocks, and then let me borrow a racket and swing it myself.” The tennis player from Phu Tho shared:

Thuy Linh debuted for the Vietnam national badminton team at the age of 28, participating in the SEA Games 2015 (18).

She quickly confirmed her talent and had no competitors in the country. Thuy Linh also won many international tournaments, reaching the top 20 in the world at one point.

Thuy Linh said she dreamed of becoming a professional athlete since she was a child.

Thuy Linh is not only famous for being talented but also a beautiful athlete. She is the number one tennis player in Vietnam and her beauty attracts many men.

Until now, Thuy Linh has kept her love life a secret. She focuses most on her own playing career and considers starting her family.

With her white skin, bright smile, and photogenic face, Thuy Linh has received advertising calls from many fashion brands.

Vietnam’s No. 1 tennis player is determined to achieve ‘something’ at this Olympics.

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