The story of the 18-year-old Basque photographer who took the viral image of the bruised Roglic in Itzulia

The story of the 18-year-old Basque photographer who took the viral image of the bruised Roglic in Itzulia

This year’s Itzulia is summarized in the serious accident that occurred on the Krutzeta descent during the fourth stage. The champions and great favorites for the final victory in the Basque round were prostrated on the asphalt. Evenepoel, Vingegaard – who was later hospitalized for almost a month as a result of serious injuries – and Roglic. The latter had also suffered a very hard fall at high speed the day before, near the finish line in Alsasua, which left him with large wounds on his right side and face. That image was captured by the young Aritz Arambarri.

This photographer, only 18 years old, can boast that his photography reached millions of people around the world. It was Roglic himself who shared it on his social networks when he was already at home after his retirement in Krutzeta. “Memories of stages three and four of the Itzulia… Wishing everyone a speedy recovery,” wrote the Bora cyclist.

Arambarri confesses to the newspaper Marca that “it was something unexpected” although he reveals that he had an idea at the last minute that no other photographer had. «Normally, we are in front. I went to the side to get something different. It took me two or three minutes from when the first one came in until I arrived. “I caught Roglic just when he had already crossed the finish line and was going for the podium.”

Then he uploaded the photo to Instagram and the magic was done. “I don’t know how the photo reached Primoz, but he published it and the truth is that it went around the world,” she explains to Marca. A few days passed until Arambarri realized that the image was viral. At first, he confesses, “it didn’t even occur to me that I alone had that photo with all the people at the finish line” because “normally five or six other photographers would have it.” But it was not like that.

The euphoria of this young man from Azpeitia came during the penultimate stage, already with Roglic at home after his brutal fall in Krutzeta: «On Instagram I clicked on the magnifying glass and that photo appeared. I put the name into Google and that photo came up too. I was in thirty or forty different places. It has been something unexpected. There are photos that you try to protect a little bit… (…) It is true that it was Roglic and his wounds looked good… but this one didn’t seem like anything special to me at first.

The link of this young Basque photographer with cycling goes beyond this year’s Itzulia. In the aforementioned medium he says that during his adolescence he participated in competitions and now rides a bike “as a cycle tourist” while he dedicates himself to his other hobby, photography. He has numerous albums of cycling races that can be consulted on his professional profile @ziklix_photo, and also offers bullfighting content to his followers.

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