Tension at Junior Press Conference: Arturo Reyes’ Exchange with Journalist and Player’s Reaction.

Arturo Reyes argued with a journalist and a Junior player couldn’t hold back his laughter. In the preview of the match against Universitario, for Date 2 of the 2024 Copa Libertadores, the ‘shark’ coach starred in a tense moment during a press conference. Although the crossing did not become serious, the reaction of one of the figures of the Barranquilla team attracted a lot of attention.

This April 8, 2024, Arturo Reyes spoke to the media at the press conference prior to the duel against the university, which will be played at the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla. In the middle of the meeting with the press, a journalist asked Reyes about the level that Junior’s substitutes showed in the tough 4-1 defeat against América de Cali. Reyes did not like the question very much, who responded with some annoyance and pointed out that the substitutes have not added many minutes so far this semester, which is why they ended up losing against ‘Escarlata’.

“Things haven’t gone well, but they are going to come out (regarding the substitute team). Junior has a large payroll in Colombia, they simply never get into a rhythm because it is not easy to have the chance to play every 4 or 5 games”, Arturo Reyes

The meeting between Arturo Reyes and the journalist also gave something to talk about due to the reaction of José Enamorado, the Junior player who was attending to the media with the coach. From the beginning, Enamorado could not contain his laughter, because he did not take the exchange of words between his coach and the journalist the wrong way.

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