Schedule and Preview for Serie A2 Old Wild West 2023/24: Fortitudo Pallacanestro vs Moncada Energy Agrigento

Schedule and Preview for Serie A2 Old Wild West 2023/24: Fortitudo Pallacanestro vs Moncada Energy Agrigento

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Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro has published on the official website the pages relating to the 8th day of the clock phase of the championship Serie A2 Old Wild West 2023/24. In this round, Fortitudo Pallacanestro will be away against Moncada Energy Agrigento.


The eighth day of the Serie A2 Old Wild West 2023/24 clocked phase is scheduled, 30th round of the regular season. Five advance matches scheduled for Saturday 6 April: Latina-Verona, Trapani-Trieste, Juvi Cremona-Nardò, Urania Milano-Cividale and Treviglio-Orzinuovi. Six more matches on Sunday 7th, postponed to Monday 8th between Turin and Rimini.

Saturday 6 April, 7.00 pm

Cisterna di Latina: Benacquista Assicurazioni Latina-Tezenis Verona

Saturday 6 April, 8.30pm

Trapani: Trapani Shark-Pallacanestro Trieste
Cremona: Ferraroni Juvi-HDL Nardò Basket
Milan: Wegreenit Urania-UEB Gesteco Cividale
Treviglio: Mascio-Agribertocchi Orzinuovi Group

Sunday 7 April, 6.00 pm

Vigevano: Elachem Vigevano 1955-Unieuro Forlì
Porto Empedocle: Moncada Energy Agrigento-Flats Service Fortitudo Bologna
Casale Monferrato: Novipiù Monferrato Basket-Apu Old Wild West Udine
Desio: Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù-UCC Assigeco Piacenza
Rieti: Real Sebastiani-Sella Cento
Rome: Luiss-Umana Chiusi

Monday 8 April, 8.00 pm

Turin: Reale Mutua-RivieraBanca Basket Rimini

  • Moncada Energy Agrigento-Fortitudo Flats Service Bologna – information

    Dove: PalaMoncada, Porto Empedocle (Ag)
    When: Sunday 7 April, 6.00pm
    Referees: Masi, Chersicla, Courage
    Live for subscribers on LNP Pass:

  • Here Agrigento

    Damiano Pilot (coach)
    Clearly a very complicated match, because the opponent is top level. We face a team that is coached by a coach that I respect and respect a lot (Attilio Caja, ed.) and who is doing a great job for everyone to see; certainly, starting from one of the most solid defensive systems in the entire A2, combined with an attack that has recently also been finding solutions from bench players, given some injuries, such as those that hit Fantinelli and Aradori in the last period . It’s normal that they are two totally different moments of the season, they are fighting to consolidate their high ranking position. For our part there is that very small glimmer of hope that is not yet closed by mathematics, but we must try to come up with something, we must do it in front of our audience, because the week was a good week of training, and among other things in this period it is not even so obvious in this situation. The boys trained hard, they responded well during the week, no one made excuses, on the contrary they had a positive attitude and now it’s time to be able to bring them back on the field, because undoubtedly if we play as we trained, we can compete this week at home on our field. We should do it by trying to be pushed by the warmth of the public, trying to also repay the public for the warmth they will give us; we hope that a good and hard-fought match can come out, trying to get 2 points, which become the only thing we need to look for in order to try to stay attached to this season, to carry it forward as much as possible, to play as many matches as possible, finding within each of us the motivation to finish this year in the best possible way”.

    Note – Nothing to report.
    Media – Live streaming on LNP Pass.

  • Here Fortitudo Bologna

    Alberto Conti (player)
    I have always been confident and have always worked hard during and after training, knowing that the daily work would pay off. In the last two games I also managed to find good scoring results, I’m confident I can continue like this. Coach Caja is a great coach, his career speaks for him. I’m happy to be able to learn so many things this year in Fortitudo. I consider myself a solid player, I always try to shoot in the same way, without ever being influenced by the previous shot, whether it was a basket or an error. When you have a year like ours and stay at the top for so long, it’s no coincidence. At the beginning of the season, no one would have expected that today we could hold our current position in the standings. Now we are aware of our strengths and we will fight all the way to give our best, seeking the best possible result. We will try to win every match. Then we will accept the verdict of the field”.

    Note – Debut, with the number 22 shirt of Fortitudo Flats Service, for Marco Giuri. The point guard born in ’88, 196 centimetres, comes from Treviglio. The use of Pietro Aradori, absent in the last few games due to injury, should be evaluated.
    Media – Live streaming on LNP Pass and radio on Radio Nettuno Bologna Uno, deferred TV on TRC Bologna (digital terrestrial channel 15) on Tuesday 9 April, at 10.35pm.

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