Schalke 04 defends with all their might in 1-1 draw against Fortuna Düsseldorf

Schalke 04 defends with all their might in 1-1 draw against Fortuna Düsseldorf

Gelsenkirchen. Schalke 04 defended with all their strength and energy against third-placed Fortuna Düsseldorf and saved a 1-1 draw over time.

A big fight had come to an end, FC Schalke 04 had to play against the third-place team in the second division game Fortuna Düsseldorf a 1:1 (0:0), getting closer to salvation point by point. And yet, when referee Harm Osmers blew the final whistle, there was a shrill concert of whistles and loud shouts of “Shoot” in the stadium. In the fifth minute of stoppage time, Osmers took back a penalty that had initially been whistled after studying the video.

So there was hardly any time to properly celebrate the point. A point that Schalke once again owed to two players who have been ensuring that the Royal Blues have always stayed above the line in the relegation battle for months. Kenan Karaman gave S04 the lead (55th), goalkeeper Marius Müller saved the point with several saves.

Schalke’s offensive was initially limited

Schalke’s coach Karel Geraerts appealed to the pride of his players – they should draw energy from the 3-5 disgrace in the first leg. After 25 minutes, the Royal Blues were 3-0 down in November, one of the third flop moments of this season, which was not short of negative highlights. And the Schalke team, changed in one position (Keke Topp for the injured Derry John Murkin), took what Geraerts had said to heart in the first half: They seemed very concentrated in defense, looked after Düsseldorf’s striker Christos Tzolis very well, and threw into all aerial duels and duels.

The problem: Schalke’s offensive game was far too one-dimensional in front of 61,854 spectators to endanger Düsseldorf’s defense. Central defender Marcin Kaminski mostly hit long passes to strikers Topp and Simon Terodde, who were supposed to shield the ball and pass it to the outside positions. However, nine shots on goal and 13 crosses did not bring the desired result, not even a chance to score. Simon Terodde had three shots (1st, 22nd, 27th), but none of them were even remotely dangerous.

Schalke’s Müller saves several times

But because the third-place team, who arrived very self-confident with six wins in a row, played cautiously, hardly exposed their own defense and was initially careful not to concede a goal, the game was very uneventful and dragged on for 45 boring minutes. There was only one chance in the first half, and Düsseldorf had it. Matthias Zimmermann took the shot, S04 goalkeeper Marius Müller directed it towards a corner (25′). At halftime it was a fair 0-0, so little had happened that referee Harm Osmers decided not to add extra time – something like that rarely happens in professional football these days.

The unattractive battle of attrition continued in the second half – Fortuna needed a set piece for a second chance: Vincent Vermeij headed the ball into the arms of goalkeeper Müller (46th). Little happened from the game, and Karaman wasn’t seen against his former club either. Then the 55th minute began: After a throw-in from Thomas Ouwejan, Terodde passed the ball to Karaman, who left two opponents standing and, out of nowhere, made it 1-0 for Schalke from 20 meters away – first chance, first goal! And again it was Karaman, Schalke’s life insurance company. Without Karaman’s eleven goals, Schalke would be in dire straits in the second division, without a doubt.

Schalke fans celebrate every good action

The S04 fans now began to cheer for every duel won and every break-out – and it became particularly loud when goalkeeper Müller fended off Düsseldorf crosses and corners with all his force. Düsseldorf couldn’t cope with the deficit at all – they only reached Schalke’s penalty area from a corner in the 67th minute. The ball flew towards the penalty spot, where Vermeij rose higher than Schalke captain Simon Terodde and headed the ball onto the inside post. Ao Tanaka pushed the rebound over the line to make it 1-1.

The conditions on the pitch immediately changed again – while Schalke had previously been on the verge of defending their narrow lead confidently towards the final phase, the goal gave Fortuna a boost. The Royal Blues had goalkeeper Müller to thank for the fact that the first goal was not immediately followed by the second, who had to use all his skills when Tzolis (74′) and Emmanuel Iyoha (77′) shot on goal. In the 80th minute, Müller was beaten after a Tanaka cross pass when Steven van der Sloot saved from Vermeij, who was ready to shoot. The point for Schalke was now shaky – and the long, lame game developed great tension. There were a lot of niggles, small fouls, after an alleged foul on Tzolis (84th), Düsseldorf would have liked to get a penalty. Even S04 coach Geraerts protested loudly and saw his first yellow card of the season.

Seconds before the end there was almost a Schalke lucky punch after Assan Ouedraogo fell in the penalty area. Karaman was already ready to take the penalty, but then Osmers went to the screen. The rest was whistles.

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