SC Freiburg Aims to Improve Home Record in Anniversary Jersey against Mainz on Bundesliga Matchday 30

SC Freiburg Aims to Improve Home Record in Anniversary Jersey against Mainz on Bundesliga Matchday 30

Improving the poor home record of the second half of the season in the anniversary jersey – that is SC Freiburg’s plan at the end of the 30th Bundesliga matchday against Mainz on Sunday (7.30 p.m.).

That’s how it goes: SC coach Christian Streich gives instructions. IMAGO/Student

Victories have already been celebrated in Freiburg’s Europa-Park Stadium this calendar year, but especially in the international games: in the second leg of the Europa League playoffs against Lens (3:2 nV) and in the first leg of the round of 16 against West Ham United (1: 0). In the Bundesliga, however, there was only one, right at the start in January against Hoffenheim (3:2).

“It’s really annoying that we only won once at home in the second half of the season,” said coach Christian Streich, “but we didn’t have such bad opponents as guests. If you get a point against them, then you’ll be very happy.” Leipzig, Leverkusen and Bayern were the youngest Freiburg guests, and the sports club at least got a point against the Munich team.

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Streich would be “happy if we won a second home game,” but was initially relieved that his team “knocked things over and won three away games,” “that’s great.” Given the nine points, he can easily get over the fact that “magical football wasn’t always played”. “We fought,” he praised the players.

“We are not in the situation of the last few years, where the processes were clear because the same people always played,” said the SC coach in reference to the many injuries throughout the season. “We’ve been crafting since August.” It is therefore all the more important that everyone who is on the pitch “does their job 100 percent”. In addition to the injured players, Roland Sallai (fifth yellow card) will be missing against FSV, but Lucas Höler returns after serving a yellow card suspension.

Streich’s praise for Mainz’s development

Mainz also had to do without some important players in the first half of the season, which for Streich is partly responsible for the fact that FSV is in a relegation battle. “They didn’t play badly in the preliminary round, but they had a lot of unfortunate results. Now they’re on the pitch with a lot of energy.”

In their recent 4-1 home win after being 1-0 down, according to Streich, they had “so much energy that they almost overran Hoffenheim – that was impressive.” In his opinion, “they don’t belong where they are right now,” added the 58-year-old, who is convinced that Mainz will manage to stay in the league.

He still doesn’t begrudge them points in Freiburg. “We have to bring our maximum energy onto the pitch, we need 100% presence and team unity,” he demanded of his team, who still have their eyes on qualifying for the European Cup again. Of Freiburg’s remaining five opponents, all but Heidenheim are in a relegation battle, and the sports club has scored quite reliably against lower-placed teams this season.

Another international placement would also fit in well with the anniversary year. This year the club is celebrating its 120th anniversary with various events and activities. The starting signal is fired at the home game against Mainz, in which Freiburg will wear a special jersey. Whether they will be successful will only become clear on Sunday. Regardless, it is already sold out in the fan shop, even though it was only sold yesterday.

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