Report against Johan Derksen for racist statement

Report against Johan Derksen for racist statement

ANP MP Habtamu de Hoop in the House of Representatives

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The Frisian branch of discrimination platform will file a complaint against Johan Derksen because of the racist statement he made on Tuesday in the TV program Today Inside. In that program, Derksen said, among other things, that GroenLinks-PvdA MP Habtamu de Hoop is “not a real Frisian”.

De Hoop was born in Ethiopia and was adopted by Frisian parents when he was a few months old.

Director Mirka Antolovic of Tûmba, the Frisian department, says that she wants to set a clear boundary with the declaration. Tomorrow Antolovic will call the police to make an appointment to report the crime.

“Since yesterday we have received 680 reports about Johan Derksen’s statements,” she says. “About 95 percent of people say that the statements go too far. As a knowledge center, you are shocked by these kinds of statements about whether or not someone is Frisian based on their appearance. And it is not the first time. Johan Derksen. At some point it is enough.”

De Hoop: no declaration

Earlier today, De Hoop himself said that he will not press charges. However, he does find the statements racist. “You can say that it was mainly about the color, I think,” he says to Omrop Fryslân.

In Today Inside a fragment was shown in which De Hoop stood up for the preservation of the Frisian language. “He’s not Frisian, come on,” Derksen said. “I’m not Surinamese, am I?” As far as Derksen is concerned, the MP had no right to talk about the Frisian language because he was not born there.

The comment received a lot of criticism, including from the National Coordinator for Combating Racism, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and many other politicians. Also De Hoop itself responded to Derksen’s statements.


At Omrop Fryslân, De Hoop said that he thought it was a “bizarre statement” that he initially wanted to ignore. But he later came back from that. “It stands for something bigger: many people wonder whether they belong. Whether they can be Dutch. Especially since the elections.”

Although De Hoop does not press charges, he says he finds Derksen’s comments racist. “It affects you when someone else tells you who you are and where you belong. I don’t let anyone tell me that, not even Johan Derksen.”

He continues: “I’m just a Frisian. I was on the handball court, I still play football in Easterein. But I don’t have to prove my Frisianness. If someone questions that, that’s just bad. Then someone is on the hook. your integrity and I won’t accept that.”

No excuses

Derksen announced yesterday that he would not withdraw his statements about De Hoop and would not make any apologies. He did admit that he did not know De Hoop’s background.

“You would have taken that into account in such a comment, if you had known that background. But in front of me there was simply an African boy promoting the Frisian language,” he said in Today Inside. “I would be a hypocritical asshole if I apologized for this. Because it was not meant to be racist. It was just a comment.”

De Hoop tells Omrop Fryslân that he did not expect an apology from Derksen. “He is talking about his own words. It is up to him that he chooses to do so. I responded in my own way and fortunately I received a lot of support from many lovely people. There were many Frisians who stood up for me.”

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