Predicting the 2024 NFL Draft Trades and Surprises

The 2024 NFL Draft is just about three weeks away, and like every year, we are likely in for some major trades and surprises along the way. Round 1 is scheduled for Thursday, April 25, followed by Rounds 2-3 on Friday, April 26 and Rounds 4-7 on Saturday, April 27.

On the latest episode of the “With the First Pick” podcast, CBS Sports NFL Draft expert Ryan Wilson and CBS Sports HQ NFL analyst and former Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman discussed eight trades that could alter the draft. From early round swaps to some risky selections, they predict what trades will take place and who teams will draft with their traded picks.

In all scenarios, we are assuming the Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders and New England Patriots, who have picks No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 respectively, stay put to fill their quarterback need.

Trade 1: Vikings trade up to No. 4

  • Vikings get: No. 4 pick (J.J. McCarthy)
  • Cardinals get: No. 11 pick (Quinyon Mitchell), No. 23 pick (Brian Thomas Jr.), 2025 first-round pick

The Arizona Cardinals currently have the No. 4 pick, but considering the Minnesota Vikings’ need for a quarterback, they may be eyeing that selection. The Vikings traded quarterback Kirk Cousins this offseason, leaving a big gap to fill at that position. They currently have the No. 11 and No. 23 picks and may use their two first-rounders to trade up and get who they hope will be their next franchise starter.

Wilson proposes the Vikings moving to No. 4 to take Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy. They noted on the podcast that Minnesota will need more than just No. 11 and No. 23 to get the deal done and would possibly add a 2025 first-rounder to “sweeten the pot.”

When asked if it would make sense to carry out the trade, Spielman said, “They don’t have a choice … who’s going to play quarterback for them right now?” Spielman added that when the Vikings went after that additional first-round pick, they were setting themselves up to get a quarterback.

While Spielman does not believe McCarthy is the fourth-best player in this year’s draft, he notes that the QB prospect fits what head coach Kevin O’Connell wants to do on offense.

It is a risk to use that many picks to get someone who is not the fourth-best player, but Spielman doubles down saying the Vikings do not have a choice. If the pick works out, no one will remember what they gave up, but if he flops, all anyone will talk about is how much stock they gave away.

Trade 2: Vikings trade up to No. 5

  • Vikings get: No. 5 pick (J.J. McCarthy)
  • Chargers get: No. 11 pick (JC Latham or Rome Odunze), No. 23 pick (Cooper DeJean)

The Vikings also have the option to trade with the Los Angeles Chargers to get the No. 5 pick. L.A. lost Mike Williams and Keenan Allen, leading Spielman to question who is going to catch Justin Herbert’s passes.

Wilson and Spielman disagree on what the Chargers should do, valuing different positions for what L.A. needs right now. Spielman calls Wilson’s pick of DeJean a “head-scratcher,” joking that he wishes he was in the room to add his input when they put him going at No. 23.

Spielman says when given the choice between Latham or Odunze, he advises the Chargers to “go get your tackle.” The depth at receiver in this year’s draft allows them to get a pass catcher down the road, and a solid tackle would help the type of offense head coach Jim Harbaugh will run, with an emphasis on the run.

“I’m a huge fan of JC Latham. When he puts his hands on you, he moves you,” Spielman said.

Trade 3: Broncos trade up to No. 5

  • Broncos get: No. 5 pick (J.J. McCarthy)
  • Chargers get: No. 12 pick (JC Latham), CB Patrick Surtain Jr.

Spielman believes this scenario is something that would happen in a “fantasyland.” He feels in order to leapfrog Minnesota to get that No. 5 pick, it would cost Denver its No. 12 selection and likely a fifth-rounder, plus a first- and third-rounder in 2025. That leaves the team with no draft capital in the future and says eventually it will have to use the draft to rebuild this roster.

The only way to make this happen without losing so many future picks is to trade someone like Surtain, and while he does not see it happening, he doesn’t doubt that these days anything is possible.

Another option proposed was to add Courtland Sutton to the conversation. When given the choice, Spielman would be more willing to give up a receiver than a corner, because receivers are aplenty, though adds it would be difficult to draft a pass catcher if all your picks are gone.

Trade 4: Broncos trade down

  • Broncos get: No. 24 pick (Michael Penix Jr.), future picks
  • Cowboys get: No. 12 pick (Olu Fashanu)

Spielman believes this is a “great trade” for both sides. He notes that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said this offseason they were going to be all in, but have yet to do anything to prove they are. This deal with be the first step to staying true to their word and making a big splash.

He says Fashanu is one of the best pass protectors and would be able to protect Prescott’s blindside, helping the Dallas offense. Penix “knocked his pro day out of the park” and Spielman believes he is a legitimate first-round pick.

Of the two options presented for the Broncos, Spielman says option two — trading with the Cowboys — is the right way to go. He says the difference between McCarthy and Penix is not enough to give up a lot and predicts Penix will be climbing in draft boards.

Trade 5: Raiders move up to No. 4

  • Raiders get: No. 4 pick (J.J. McCarthy)
  • Cardinals get: No. 13 (Taliese Fuaga), No. 44 (Troy Franklin), future picks and a player (possibly EDGE Kyrie Wilson)

The Las Vegas Raiders are another team in the “quarterback business,” and could be looking to give up a lot to get one. Wilson and Spielman discussed that it would take a lot for them to move up that many spots.

Spielman says he believes they will need to give up even more than is listed, saying it would take another first-round pick. Considering how many teams are in need of a quarterback, the Cardinals can ask for a lot for their high selection.

“If I’m Arizona I’m asking for the moon,” he says, adding that the worst the other team can say is “no” and the Cardinals end up with someone like Marvin Harrison Jr. Spielman said the Cardinals should work through all the deals right up to the draft, because someone may “rich the pot” and overpay because the need is for a quarterback.

Another option for this trade is to give up Davante Adams to the Cardinals, something Spielman said “would grab my attention.”

Kyler Murray isn’t the same without DeAndre Hopkins and Arizona needs receivers, losing a few targets this offseason. The draft capital along with Adams would make Spielman say, “We have a deal.”

The issue for the Raiders with this trade, which Wilson notes, is that then if you get your quarterback in McCarthy, he has no one to throw to.

Trade 6: Raiders target Bo Nix

  • Raiders get: No. 24 (Bo Nix), second-round pick, fifth-round pick
  • Cowboys get: From 12 (Olu Fashanu)

Another option for the Cowboys is to go with Bo Nix, who has some questioning whether he can run an offense out the gates.

“That would be a great move, because he wouldn’t have to play right away,” Spielman said.

Whichever quarterback the Raiders end up drafting, if they do draft someone, Spielman believes Gardner Minshew will be the starter and the other quarterback will learn for a season before taking over.

Trade 7: Bears trade down

  • Bears get: No. 14 (Laiatu Latu), picks
  • Saints get: From 9 (Olu Fashanu)

“I think it’s really positive for the Bears,” Spielman said. “I think this would be a home run trade.”

The Bears are expected to take quarterback Caleb Williams at No. 1, but they also have a No. 9 pick that they can trade for Laiatu Latu and picks, to add to their draft stock. Spielman notes that Latu would be beneficial opposite Montez Sweat.

He says if this trade happens, betting everything on Williams, he believes the Bears would win more games in 2024 than the Saints.

Trade 8: Rams trade up

  • Rams get: No. 16 (Byron Murphy II)
  • Seahawks get: No. 19 (Jackson Powers-Johnson), third-round pick, sixth-round pick

The Rams finally have a first-round pick, and could be making some moves with it.

“I think this is an absolute win-win for both teams,” Spielman said, saying this addresses needs for each side of the deal.

Seattle needs interior offensive line help, Spielman notes, and other teams could be looking to take Jackson Powers-Johnson. He believes this will help them for years to come.

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