Pau Gasol Returns to FedEx Forum to Celebrate Brother Marc’s Coronation

Pau Gasol Returns to FedEx Forum to Celebrate Brother Marc’s Coronation

Visibly thinner, although swollen with pride, Pau Gasol He returned to what was his home for seven seasons, the FedEx Forumto celebrate the coronation of his brother Marc. “The family couldn’t be happier, there aren’t many who can say this,” the Spanish sports legend just said, minutes before the Gasol retire another t-shirt, this time the white one of the Grizzlies with the ’33’ in tribute to the middleweight of the house. “We are all very happy“These things are not very frequent,” he said with overwhelming eloquence.

They are happy days for Gasolgathered in the old family house, in Germantownwhich they acquired in 2001, when Pau came to the United States. “The children have played together, it has been a lot of fun. It’s good for us all to get together and be together like when we were little.”

“He has built a legacy in Memhis, he has identified with the values ​​of the city, I couldn’t be more proud.”

Pau Gasol, legend of Spanish sports

Like Marc the day before, Pau valued the work of his parents to take them to where they have arrived and recognized that the work of the medium in Memphis It was much more successful than his. “He has built a legacy, he has identified with the values ​​of the city and made them his own, he gradually grew with the franchise until he became a benchmark. I am really proud of what he has achieved.”

Competitive like few others since they were kids, Pau y Marc They no longer have to blame each other in that healthy rivalry that they have had since childhood. They starred in the initial jump of a All Star Gameboth will have their jersey retired with the team of their life in the NBA, one (Pau) has won two rings and a World Cup and the other (Marc) two World Cups and a ring. “We no longer sting anything. We are still competitive, but we have gotten a little older, we are both parents, it is now about what we build together, what we can both help others to empower themselves, about our children, who are cousins, about the ties that they have. “There are no more fights,” she said with a smile.

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