Opportunity Knocks: LOSC – Aston Villa Tickets Now Available for General Public

It has now been several days since the LOSC – Aston Villa ticket office has been accessible to club subscribers. For a few minutes, it is the general public who can now jump on the opportunity.

On March 20, more than a fortnight ago, LOSC gave priority to its subscribers regarding the reception of Aston Villa, on April 18 (6:45 p.m.), in the League quarter-finals. Europe Conference. No additional information had been revealed until now. This Monday, since 4 p.m., the ticket office is now accessible to the general public. There are not many places left available, but the last lucky few can still seize a great opportunity to see LOSC vibrate on the European scene. The price of tickets still available for purchase varies from €20 to €60 on the Lille team’s ticket office.

2024-04-08 14:50:28
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