Ningbo Athlete Wang Chang: From Local Star to Asian Championship Ambassador

Ningbo athlete Wang Chang was hired as the image ambassador of the 2024 Asian Championships. Photo courtesy of Sharing Alliance

From April 9th ​​to April 14th, the 2024 Asian Badminton Championships will be held at the Ningbo Olympic Sports Center. As a member of the men’s doubles team of the Chinese badminton team, Ningbo athlete Wang Chang was hired as the image ambassador of this Asian Championship. He will also participate in this Asian Championship.

Wang Chang has an indissoluble bond with Jiangbei District of Ningbo City. In 2009, the Ningbo Small Ball Training Center set up a training point at Jiangbei Experimental Primary School. Wang Chang studied with the team in Class 402 at the time, and was later promoted to Jiangbei Experimental Middle School. Spread your youth.

Dai Lulu was Wang Chang’s primary school teacher. In her memory, Wang Chang had to do badminton training after school every day. It was very hard, but he never complained about being tired. Instead, he gave full play to his talents, repeatedly practiced his skills, and kept improving. The school also provides great support to Wang Chang. Whenever he returns from competitions, his teachers will focus on tutoring him to avoid delays in his studies.

Wang Chang was also an all-powerful figure in the track and field competitions at the school sports meeting. Provided by the interviewee

Sports are often connected. Wang Chang, who is excellent at badminton, is also a powerful figure in the track and field competitions in school sports meets. “Wang Chang is not only popular, he is also the absolute main force of our class in the school sports meeting. After he left, the ranking of our class dropped…” Teacher Ge Wenwen, the head teacher of the junior high school, was deeply impressed by Wang Chang.

Wang Chang is still a proper “student master”. Among the 468 students from Jiangbei Experimental Middle School in that session, he ranked in the top 10%, fully capable of impacting the effectiveness and Ningzhong. The teachers were all amazed that as a student with a special ability in sports, Wang Chang had to undergo high-intensity and long-term training every day. Even after a lot of study time was taken up, he still had such an academic level, which was amazing and admirable.

Provided by interviewee Wang Chang when he was a child

Because of her outstanding academic and sports performance, Wang Chang’s mother once struggled with whether to pursue a career in professional sports. In the end, 14-year-old Wang Chang was recruited into the Zhejiang Provincial Team due to his excellent athletic ability.

In recent years, Wang Chang has perfected his scoring skills and cooperated tacitly with his partner Liang Weikeng to win the men’s doubles championship in the 2023 China Badminton Masters and the 2024 Malaysian Badminton Open. Regarding the upcoming Asian Championships, Wang Chang said excitedly: “I am really happy to be the host. I will also work hard to achieve good results at home.”

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