Nedvěd Guarantees All NHL Players Will Attend World Cup, Changes Expected for Team Roster

Nedvěd Guarantees All NHL Players Will Attend World Cup, Changes Expected for Team Roster

Petr Nedvěd | Photo: Jan Beneš, Czech hockey

Arena after arena, more and more tapping. The general manager of the national team, Petr Nedvěd, spent the end of March on a second inspection trip across the ocean, scouting potential catches for the home WC on the west coast of the USA. And a month before the grand opening, he reports: “I guarantee you that everyone will come…”

Anaheim, San Jose, Arizona. What’s the address, what’s the Czech representative office. And interested in flying to Prague for the championship? Still enormous, everything remains the same.

“Nothing has changed. It would be a complete shock if someone decided not to come,” says Nedvěd from the representative camp in Karlovy Vary.

“It would be a total shock if someone decided not to come.”

Big topic = wicket. In California, he saw Lukáš Dostál’s first shutout in the NHL with his own eyes, and a few days later he was gathering knowledge about Petr Mrázek and Karel Vejmelko. Would a strong trio from overseas be in the offing?

“There is also such an option. We’ll see, we’ll be surprised,” says the GM of the national team. “We talked about everything. Ondra Pavelec also had the opportunity to talk with the goalkeepers on the inspection trip…”

Sharp preparation begins? Who will make it to the World Cup? ?

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He also saw Jan Rutta and Filip Zadina from San Jose in action during his second inspection, but he lost Radek Gudas and Tomáš Hertl due to health problems. However, the latter’s chances at the World Cup have dropped considerably.

“We were almost certain that he would come, but the situation has changed. He’s already in the playoffs. For all of us, the priority is for him to be healthy and play, of course we wish him that. He is interested in representing. That’s the only thing we’re interested in right now,” he says to Hertl’s address.

At the same time, the management of the national team closely monitors the Czech countrymen who are on the edge of the NHL and the farm. However, there is palpable uncertainty regarding the availability of Lukáš Rousek, David Jiříček and others…

“We will try, fight for every player.”

“We will try, fight for every player. Of course, some calls have already taken place. It’s not simple, I’ve already announced it,” repeats Nedvěd. “We have to respect that. Although we would be happy if they released those players to us.”

“I’ll give an example – Matěj Blümel in Dallas. An excellent player, we would take him all ten. What is the chance, if Dallas is set to go far in the playoffs, that you call the GM and he tells you to take Matěj?” asks the Czech GM.

The first concrete names that will complete the roster of the national team for the World Cup should be clear after the end of the NHL regular season. So around April 18th.

Petr Nedvěd | Photo: Jan Beneš, Czech hockey

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