Navigating the Bayern Shark Tank: The Potential Tussle Over Authority and Intrigue Surrounding Ralf Rangnick’s Potential Role

Navigating the Bayern Shark Tank: The Potential Tussle Over Authority and Intrigue Surrounding Ralf Rangnick’s Potential Role

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Rangnick is a very good sporting director and project manager. He managed really big things in his life and achieved success. At Bayern, such positions have already been filled and Eberl wants to turn the place around himself and clear it out for the new season anyway. I smell a tussle over authority and possible reservations or intrigues against him by the attack department, even if the article writes about a unanimous decision in favor of Rangnick.

But as a pure coach he is not quite what Bayern needs. He doesn’t have enough prestigious titles to show for it and is not the international star coach that people would like to see. And perhaps a trained trainer position with a minimal radius of influence is not what a rank nick wants. There are too many other power-hungry megalomaniacs in the Bavarian shark tank for a hybrid trainer-official like him to feel underchallenged and almost degraded. He can also coach, but he is not satisfied with just that.

I believe that, regardless of the next coach, there will be a lot of investment required for the squad. Unfortunately, the chance of a mistake with Rangnick is high and that would in turn weaken the positions of Eberl and Freund. But there is no suitable and tailor-made coach for Bayern on the market. Same game as it has been for years.

If I were Rangnick, I would pay well for this 3-year kamikaze at the approaching end of my career. After Hoeneß’ repeated inglorious and elephantine behavior, it would be best to just sign a service contract with performance without guarantee, like in a china shop. The Bavarian ejection seat has not been safe for traffic for many years and, without a TÜV-tested safety seal, ejects the trainers at a frequency and magnitude that collateral damage and scorched earth are inevitable.

Like you, I’m a bit critical about whether Rangnick is a good fit for Bayern as a coach, but as an interim solution he’s a good alternative if you look at the current coaching market. If Bayern are smart, then it would probably make the most sense to have him as an interim coach initially with a subsequent job change in accounting responsibility, well paid as a career completion, so to speak.. If the three got along, I could well imagine that this combination of Eberl-Freund-Rangnick would be an absolutely top-class sports director..!! If everyone concentrates on what they do best, that would be a great option for the club’s future..!!

As far as the matter with Hoeneß is concerned, you can once again see how, out of dislike for him, people want to view this statement negatively without other interpretations. First of all, he made it clear that they negotiated fairly with the people individually and not with everyone in parallel It would be unprofessional to tell everyone at the same time that he was the first choice, etc. The fact that Rangnick was only third choice does not mean that the other two were better or that they were seen that way by Bayern. You always have to take the contractual situation into account. Of all 3 coaches, Rangnick was the least likely to be able to release him from his contract… Nagelsmann had an expiring contract, Alonso had extended it but wanted to move and Rangnick had already extended it and didn’t really have any ambitions to move… Looking at it that way puts Hoeneß’s statement in a completely different light and I also believe that he would never have said something like that if there had been other reasons and Rangnick hadn’t been communicated that way.

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