Miguel Cabral wins the Climb to Tejeda

Miguel Cabral wins the Climb to Tejeda

Miguel Cabral and his spectacular Mitsubishi EVO-Xthey have become a duo that consolidates its position in first place on the podium in the Mountain competition. On this occasion, Cabral achieved a comfortable victory, the second consecutive, on the Climb to Tejedaa test that was celebrating its 21st edition, in which its best time was 3:39.545, very far from the record held by it at 3:33.930.

The second position it was for Jose Calderinthat with him Renault 5 GT Turbotook advantage of the winding route of the summits of Gran Canaria, stopping the clock with a time of 3:48.212, just a few thousandths better than his best time from the last edition which was 3:48.127, which means that He practically copied his 2023 time.

Calderín had an exciting fight with Gustavo Bolaños, from which he was separated by a minimum advantage of 282 thousandths. Bolaños, at the controls of the EVO-VII, achieved his best time of 3: 48.484, far from his best time that he achieved in 2021, with a time of 3: 45.224. The Gáldar pilot, who finished thirdhas no luck in Tejeda, given that in 2022 he abandoned the training round, while in 2023 he was untested in the second round, this circumstance being repeated in the current edition due to a mechanical breakdown.

Cabral was much superior to his opponents, so the podium was completed by José Calderín and Gustavo Bolaños. Did not show up for the appointment of the Aterura Team, Ivan Armas and his Porsche 911 991.1 GT3 Cup, one of the favorites for victory and, with it, putting up a fight against Cabral, but unavoidable professional reasons led to his absence.

Samuel Marrero With the Citroën Saxo kit car, he was fourth with a time of 3:58.317. The pilot from Santa Brígida was 1:439 seconds ahead of the fifth classified, Victor Ramirezeach day surpassing himself personally and achieving his reward with fifth place and a record of 3:59.756.

Alby Santana With the Porsche 911 991.1 GT3 Cup, he qualified in sixth place with a time of 4:01.776, beating Juan Cruz (BMW 328) by 3.510 seconds, seventh with a time of 4:05.286.

The top ten places were completed by the eighth position of Mario Déniz (Peugeot 106 S16), 4:08. 652, followed by Miguel Martin (BMW 318 IS), 4:13.719, being tenth Francisco Martin with the veteran Opel Kadett GSI and a time of 4:15.446.

Tribute to the World Rally Championship-WRC

One of the attractions of the event was that of the Spanish Gravel Rally champion, Juan Carlos Quintana, co-driven by a veteran such as José Manuel Rivero, co-driver in his time of Medardo Pérez in the Lancia 037. Both rode with the EVO-X, with colors in recognition of the arrival of the World Rally Championship-WRC, in 2025 and 2026 , which will be in Gran Canaria. Also new was the participation in the Formula Rally of Raul Quesadawhich debuted with its recent acquisition, the Skoda Fabia N5.

In Sport Regularity, the victory in medium high went to the José Manuel Martín-Sonia Alonso (BMW 635 CSI) team, with 28.1 penalty points, followed by Adrián Estévez-Tania Ramos (Toyota Starlet), with 36.1 points. Third position went to Ayose Castellano-Anabel Castellano (Seat 124), with 37.7 points.

In middle-lowthe first position went to Óscar Quintana-Jonay Rodríguez (Toyota Corolla Coupé TC), with 12.3 penalty points, followed by Gregorio Fontanilla-José María Emperador (Suzuki Swift GTI), with 18.2 points, being third, Jorge Luján-José Carlos Caballero (BMW 318), 47.8 points.

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