Max Kruse Set for Amateur Comeback in District League with BSV Al-Dersimspor!

Max Kruse Set for Amateur Comeback in District League with BSV Al-Dersimspor!

Here we go!

On Thursday evening, Max Kruse (36) will start team training with district league team BSV Al-Dersimspor for the first time – around four months after the end of his career as a professional footballer. The ex-national player will complete a session with the amateur footballers on artificial turf.

The attacker is scheduled to make his debut for his new club on Sunday at 2 p.m. – in the district league A (season 3) against the Spandauer Kickers III. From beginning to? “He will be in the starting line-up and play,” reveals his coach Güven Akpolat (35) in an interview with BILD.

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But what does Kruse expect from a German-Turkish district league club from Berlin-Kreuzberg? BILD answers all questions.

This is how Kruse’s amateur comeback works

He definitely has to do without his favorite number ten. “We have assigned it to someone else,” says Akpolat. That’s what the armband is for: “He will lead us onto the field as captain on Sunday.”

Kruse has gained a few pounds since his career ended. The Nutella fan recently admitted: “I now have 99.4 kilos.” ​​Hopefully Dersimspor has red and white XXL jerseys in its range… “We have them. “Max doesn’t have to play with his midriff on,” says Akpolat with a laugh.

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For district league teams, a crate of beer is traditionally part of the debut for a new signing. Also with the ex-professional from VfL Wolfsburg? “Naturally! “He doesn’t drink alcohol, but he should still have a case of beer for the boys at the premiere,” emphasizes the father of the family with a smile.

The cult footballer only has to leave one thing at home: “He is not allowed to take a shisha pipe into the dressing room. Maybe that’s possible in the Baller League, but it’s forbidden here.”

Kruse also has to be careful when it comes to punctuality. “We have a list of penalties. Everyone has to pay ten euros into the team fund if they complain or come late.” Speaking of paying in: Kruse has to pay 150 euros a year as a club contribution.

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The club could also cash in heavily through increased spectator numbers. Because Kruse has already caused an unexpected rush of fans: “One day after he announced that he was coming to us, there were suddenly a lot of Union fans at our facility. But Max wasn’t there yet,” says Akpolat

How did the transfer actually come about? “I’m part of Max’s circle of friends. We have a mutual friend and met in 2020,” reveals Akpolat. “After Max’s spell at SC Paderborn ended in November, I said jokingly that he could now move to Dersimspor. In January he came to me and said that he would like to play football with us and that he was keen on kicking.”

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Source: BILD23.04.2024

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