Laporta justifies his support for Xavi because he has “a winning project”

Laporta justifies his support for Xavi because he has “a winning project”

Joan Laporta accepts the continuity of Xavi Hernández after the coach had rectified his initial idea of ​​leaving Barça because he sees that he has on his hands “a winning project” which must be reinforced with “stability”. Also with signings, but we will see which and how many can be made, depending on how the economic closure of the season goes.

The crisis unleashed on January 27 when the coach announced his departure has ended with the point and followed by the coach’s continuity. So, Laporta did not fire him because Xavi was who he was, an icon of the entity. And now he has allowed her to rectify his desire and keep him on the field also for his “incontestable Barcelonaism.” Knowing that the figure of Xavi has generated division among the culé masses, the club’s top leader wanted to proclaim that the reacceptance of the Egarense coach was “very good news.”

“The best decision is to give stability to this project, which consolidates it and will be even more of a winner. Stability is essential for success,” said Laporta, who has seen “a flame of illusion in the fans” that must be kept lit.

“The best decision is to give stability to this project, which consolidates it and will be even more winning,” Joan Laporta, president of Barça

Beyond the sentimental component, the president sees reasons to redouble his trust in the coach, but understands that “readjustments and changes” must be made to make it more competitive than it has been this season, which It will be settled without any title. To the usual movements of footballers each summer, some will be added in the internal functioning of the extensive first team staff.

The disbelievers

None, however, in the technical area of ​​those closest to Xavi. Nor, contrary to what had been commented, in another denial by the president and the coach, has the reason for continuity been economic due to Xavi’s demand to collect the payment for the next season. “Whoever said this was to harm me,” assured, before also underlining that the technician’s ratification had occurred “unanimously.”

Joint appearance of Joan Laporta and Xavi Hernández / Alejandro García

Managers were informed by telephone of the outcome of the meeting between Xavi and Laporta, and the presence of Rafa Yuste, the sports vice president, Deco, sports director, and Alejandro Echevarría, advisor and former brother-in-law of Laporta, and who were later joined by the manager Joan Soler, the presidential advisor Enric Masip and former player Bojan Krkic who complete the sports commission.

Without replacement

“We have as team coach an extraordinary person, with exceptional knowledge of football and a culé feeling that transmits enthusiasm, confidence and also generosity.” Given the very high regard of Xavi in ​​the eyes of Laporta, which has not changed despite the failure of the season, the president trusted in the coach’s step back. And for this reason, I had not looked for a substitute for the next campaign.

Laporta, however, was not sure that Xavi would rectify. Not even Xavi firmly believed that the president would allow him to leave. “We are grateful to Laporta and Deco, for having waited for us, for having listened to us and for giving us the opportunity to train the club we want,” said Xavi, who He took refuge in the saying “rectify is wise” to justify his change of mind.

Cocktail of reasons

The coach alleged “a cocktail of reasons” that have led him to reconsider his departure. “The trust of the players, that of the president and his board and that of the fans,” explained Xavi, as if his future at Barça had been a clamor that had led to his giving up.

After months explaining the reasons for his departure, “and thinking about the club again”, the coach feels with “energy and desire” to lead Barça in the 24-25 season.

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