Judo Club de la Champagne Conlinoise Introduces Civic Service with Dedicated Judoka

Judo Club de la Champagne Conlinoise Introduces Civic Service with Dedicated Judoka

Par Chafik Aouni
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Since November, the Judo Club de la Champagne Conlinoise has employed a civic service. This is the first and for the moment the only civic service of Sarthois judo.

254 licensees in Conlie

Malo Bouyer, judoka in the club since he was 4 years old and a black belt, offered to carry out this civic approach. As a result, the fast-rising JCCC with currently 254 members welcomed this proposal as a godsend.

A spontaneous application

» Malo offered himself at the right time for the club, explains Karine Jouanneau

President Judo Club of Champagne Conlinoise. After consultation with the team, it turned out that it corresponded to the necessary criteria that we had to define. Intervening with young people in the context of judo cannot be improvised. We appreciate the fact that this is a spontaneous application and it is with complete confidence that we delegate various tasks to him. We hope this will show the way and give some people the desire to serve others. “

Malo assists David Mézerette

In fact, Malo assists the club’s teacher David Mézerette on all courses and activities outside the club. Its mission is to transmit civic and civic values ​​through the practice of judo, values ​​that Malo masters through his experience as a judoka but also as a volunteer firefighter at the Conlie barracks.

» I offered to join the JCCC team in order to carry out a civic service which is entirely compatible with my student schedule. I like to transmit and share my experience with the students of my judo club. Respecting and helping others is essential to me.”

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