José Reyes “La Melaza”: A Different Path to Wealth and Fame after MLB Career

Whether due to average performance or the bad luck of not getting a lucrative contract, there are many retired Major League Baseball (MLB) athletes who live off good deals or, failing that, from the pension they opt for after 10 years. years of service. However, the case of the former Dominican baseball player, José Reyes “La Melaza”, is totally different.

“La Melaza” was a player with unique characteristics while he was in the MLB. His great ability to hit triples (131) led him to follow the legendary Roberto Clemente (166) in the historical section of three-base hits.

Reyes retired after 16 seasons at the highest level of MLB. After his time with the New York Mets, Miami Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays and Colorado Rockies, “La Melaza” also ventured into the music industry.

According to the statistics site Baseball Reference, Reyes earned a total of $142,791,000 in the MLB. Most of this amount he earned after his first stint with the Mets.


He went through several teams

The former Dominican infielder enjoyed two stints with the Mets. In his first experience he earned close to $26,000,000, this between the salary domain of the New Yorkers and then through an extension signed in 2007.

After that time, Reyes decided to try Free Agency and was convinced by the “new” Miami Marlins project. However, after signing for six years and $106,000,000, he was traded mid-season. This aforementioned agreement was paid by Miami, Toronto, another part by the Rockies and finally, last year it was collected with the Mets as sender.

Since the Rockies fired him, the group had to pay compensation of $4,000,000 to the Dominican. He already enjoyed his last year where he took his first steps. For $2,000,000, Reyes, 40, participated for the last time in the MLB.

A life of luxury

Reyes ventured into urban music as part of a long-ago desire. After baseball, the former player dedicated himself to an artistic life. On YouTube he has more than 180,000 subscribers, which is why he continues to generate money.

In addition, “La Melaza” has luxurious cars, an impeccable mansion and always wears jewelry. The shortstop is also respected for the businesses he owns and what he continues to generate outside of them.

“The house of the famous”

On social networks, many wonder why “La Melaza”, a member of “La casa de los famous 4” is on Telemundo’s “reality show”. As he has commented on several occasions, the former athlete wants the audience to know him more, and also his music can stand out.


Even Reyes’ colleagues were shocked, because in the promotional videos, before starting the project, he recorded them from his home, so more than one was shocked due to how enormous it was and the luxury it exuded.

“La Melaza” is one of the inhabitants of the Water room. Since the premiere of the “reality show”, on January 23, the room was made up of Aleska Génesis, Fernando Lozada, Alfredo Adame, Leopoldo Carrera “Guty”.

Among the most recent strategy changes, Lupillo Rivera, Geraldine Bazán and Alana Lliteras joined the Agua room, and now called it the Tsunami room. “La Melaza”, for its part, has been characterized by not presenting a clear strategy in the game.

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