Is Jim Harbaugh Eyeing JJ McCarthy in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Is Jim Harbaugh Eyeing JJ McCarthy in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Is Jim Harbaugh thinking of drafting JJ McCarthy?

Jim Harbaugh’s comments at the NFL Owner’s Meeting got some fans thinking that he may be considering JJ McCarthy to the be the Chargers quarterback.

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We are less than four weeks away from the 2024 NFL Draft. Just four weeks separate several franchises from potential franchise-changing talents. With multiple “generational talents” on draft boards this year in both USC quarterback Caleb Williams as well as Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.2024 could be one of the most pivotal drafts in quite some time.

As we approach the first round though, several rumors have started swirling regarding certain teams. Teams that are in dire need of quarterbacks might be more inclined to trade up to the top of the draft in order to secure the best players available. That seems to be a popular theory as of late, with several experts including USA Today’s Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz and Nate Davis expecting a trade into the top-ten.

Where will the trade be though? Who will it involve? And who will the first non-quarterback off the board be? These are the questions plaguing fans’ heads. Without further ado, here are the latest predictions and rumors surrounding the top-ten picks of the NFL Draft.

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Who is expected to trade up into the top-10?

It seems the Minnesota Vikings are the most likely to move up in order to draft their quarterback of the future.

With the departure of Kirk Cousins to Atlanta during the offseason, the Vikings are in dire need of a signal-caller if they want any hope of competing in the tough NFC North moving forward. However, trading into the top-ten still wouldn’t guarantee the Vikings a top-three quarterback from this class. It would also cost the team a pretty penny.

Although most reports indicate that the Vikings will move up to the fifth or sixth pick, there are others who believe the Vikings could trade up as early as third overall. However, that seems unlikely given the Patriots’ needs at quarterback.

Currently, the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Chargers hold the fourth and fifth picks respectively. The Cardinals do not need a quarterback currently, so they could be willing to trade down if OSU wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. is taken in the top-three picks. The Chargers also do not need a quarterback and seem much more inclined to trade down compared to other teams.

Who would the Vikings select with their pick though? Should the Vikings trade to pick No. 5, which seems to be the most likely scenario at the moment, their pick would almost certainly be Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy, according to most reports. Not only did the Vikings send four players to Michigan’s pro day in order to watch McCarthy live, but the Wolverines’ field general has also seen his draft stock rise exponentially in the last few weeks. McCarthy has soared from an early-second round prospect to a sure-fire top-ten pick.

Could other teams be in the hunt for McCarthy?

Of course, the Vikings aren’t the only team interested in drafting a quarterback. Other teams that could be in the hunt include the New York Giants (6th overall) and the Denver Broncos (12th overall).

While the Giants would obviously have the best pick to trade if they wanted to move up, Minnesota possesses two first-round picks (11 and 23), which could give Minnesota the upper-hand if negotiations arise. Although Minnesota would not want to give up both of their first round picks this year, that will likely be the minimum they’ll have to surrender in order to move up. Many experts agree.

What other quarterbacks will be taken in the first round?

2024 could be a record-tying year for quarterback prospects, as five are projected to go in the first 12 selections in both Nate Davis’ and Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz’s mock drafts.

The only other time five quarterbacks have gone in the first round is 1999. That year, Tim Couch (1st overall), Donovan McNabb (2nd overall), Akili Smith (3rd overall), Daunte Culpepper (11th overall), and Cade McNown (12th overall) were all selected within the first 12 picks.

This year, USC’s Caleb Williams, UNC’s Drake Maye, LSU’s Jayden Daniels, and Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy are all widely expected to be drafted within the top-ten. That’s four already. The fifth comes at 12th overall with the Denver Broncos. Although the Broncos have expressed interest in trading up for a quarterback, the Broncos might have the worst to offer in order to move up and may be forced to stay put at 12. Luckily for them, there will likely still be a multitude of great quarterback options available at that position.

Both Davis and Middlehurst-Schwartz expect the Broncos to select Oregon’s Bo Nix in that position. Though Nix does not possess the insane ceiling that the quarterbacks above him possess, Nix is considered a high-floor option due to his experience at the college level. The Broncos are in dire need of a quarterback since the team traded Russell Wilson to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Nix would be an immediate upgrade over the Broncos’ current quarterback room (Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci).

The only other quarterback that could go in the first found this year is Washington’s Michael Penix. Although most consider the Heisman runner-up not worthy of a first-round selection, former New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum called Penix a “mortal lock” for the first round on March 29 after the lefty put together an incredible pro day. Tannenbaum wasn’t the only one impressed by Penix’s workout though.

NFL insider Jordan Schultz released a text he received from an NFL coach after Penix’s pro day. The coach seems very enthused by Penix’s performance and perhaps that is enough to boost the former Washington Husky into the first round. Teams that could be interested in Penix include the Los Angeles Rams (19th pick) and Dallas Cowboys (24th pick).

Although the Cowboys are not in dire need of a quarterback currently, Dak Prescott is about to enter the final year of his contract. While reports indicate that Prescott is still Dallas’ “long-term solution” at the position, there is always a chance that a deal is not reached and the Cowboys opt to play it safe by selecting Penix late in the first round. Regardless of the Cowboys interest, Penix could be a sneaky riser on draft boards as we move through April.

When is the NFL Draft?

Round 1 of the NFL Draft is scheduled for April 25. Rounds 2-3 will take place on April 26. Rounds 4-7 are slated for April 27.

The draft will be hosted by Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan.

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