Ihoku Youth Baseball Federation Formed to Revive Declining Baseball Population

Region April 1, 2024 6:00

The first general meeting of the newly established Ihoku Youth Baseball Federation.We approved the business plan and started the first year’s activities.

The Tatsuno Town Youth Baseball Federation and the Minowa Town Youth Baseball Federation, whose number of member teams has been decreasing due to the decline in the baseball population due to the declining birthrate, will become one, with five teams in the three towns and villages of Tatsuno, Minowa, and Minami-Minowa, and approximately 80 registered players. A new organization, the Ihoku Youth Baseball Federation, has been born. The first general meeting was held at the Minowa Town Community Exchange Center on the night of the 30th, and the management structure and business plan for 2024 were confirmed. We have started our activities in the first year of our establishment.

Although baseball is gaining attention due to the success of Japanese players such as Shohei Otani in the US Major League Baseball, the population of baseball players and the number of teams are decreasing nationwide due to the declining birthrate. Both the Tatsuno and Minowa federations have been unable to hold tournaments, making it difficult for them to survive, and have been discussing the possibility of merging for the past two years. In 2013, a conference was held jointly in preparation for the unification.

With the establishment of the new federation, the four teams in Minowa Town, Minowa Chubu Yankees, Minowa Giants, Minowa Comet Club, and Moriya Snakes, were disbanded. They were integrated into a new team, Minowa Phoenix.

Five teams will set out: Tatsuno Super Dragons from Tatsuno Town, Young Hopes, Tatsuno Youngers, Minowa Phoenix from Minowa Town, and Minamiko Dragons from Minamiminowa Village.

The tournament is scheduled to be held mainly at the Bambahara Sports Field in Minowa Town, and in 2014, the new federation will host spring league matches, fall league matches, and rookie competitions (5th graders and under). There are also plans to open baseball classes.

Masataka Matsunaga (Minowa Phoenix), the first president of the association, said, “We want to protect an environment where children who want to play baseball and want to continue playing baseball can continue to do so even though the baseball population is decreasing.”

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