Haokan Entertainment’s ‘Hi! In Business’ Spin-Off Episode: Fulfilling Promises and Heartwarming Moments

Haokan Entertainment’s ‘Hi! In Business’ Spin-Off Episode: Fulfilling Promises and Heartwarming Moments

[The Epoch Times, April 25, 2024](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) The third season of “Hi! In Business” produced and distributed by Haokan Entertainment ended perfectly last week, and the YT channel recently launched a spin-off, starring Yao Yuanhao , Guo Hongzhi, and Wu Yingjie went on a mission to fulfill a previously promised promise.

At the beginning of the extra video (click here), Yao Yuanhao announced that today’s mission is very meaningful. He had previously promised the Xincheng Elementary School Baseball Team that if they won the championship, they would return to Hualien and prepare sumptuous meals for them to enjoy. Therefore, We need to gather our friends to go to Hualien together.

This time, Yao Yuanhao was driving and Guo Hongzhi was the co-pilot. When Wu Yingjie (Gui Gui) appeared, Yao Yuanhao exclaimed: “Are you Gui Gui? Why did you become fat?”

Faced with Yao Yuanhao’s straightforward conversation, Wu Yingjie accepted that her figure had changed slightly and slowly got into the car.

On the way to Hualien, Yao Yuanhao complained to Wu Yingjie: “Last time I went to camp with her, I didn’t show any respect!”

Wu Yingjie replied: “We have been together often, and you and Brother Guo (Guo Hongzhi) have to go camping privately. It feels really boring! But this action is very meaningful. I am now a wounded soldier. I fell badly while skiing. My waist is sprained and my whole body is sore. Even so, I still have to go to Hualien to cook a championship dinner and fulfill my promise.”

The three of them arrived at their destination and started preparing for dinner. Wu Yingjie sprained her waist and could only sit on a skateboard to move around. Watching Guo Hongzhi and Yao Yuanhao start to set up the tent, Wu Yingjie sat on the skateboard and moved around and said, “I can help. What are you doing?” Guo Hongzhi replied: “Don’t just talk, you can’t help.”

Guo Hongzhi and Guo Hongzhi quickly set up the tent, took out the ingredients and started cooking tomahawk steak, champion bucket chicken, champion happy platter, and champion sausage fried rice.

“Hi! Open for Business” YT channel recently launched a spin-off episode. From the right in the picture are Yao Yuanhao and Guo Hongzhi. (Provided by Haokan Entertainment)

As soon as dinner time came, the young baseball players took their plates one after another and ate immediately after seeing the sumptuous food. When they entered the Star Cinema after dinner, Guo Hongzhi brought out the cake he made for the young baseball players. Sasha, who was unable to attend, was very special. Medal biscuits were made in advance, and the friends made such a heart-warming arrangement, allowing the young baseball team players to spend a happy night.

However, at the same time that the extra chapter was aired, Hualien was experiencing the merciless devastation of the earthquake. Partners also expressed their concern for Hualien and prayed for God to bless Taiwan and Hualien.

In addition, Haokan Entertainment also announced today (25th) that the fourth season of “Hi! Open” will be available to everyone in mid-August.

Editor in charge: Xin Youan

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