French Badminton Pair’s Olympic Dream in Jeopardy Due to Calculation Error

French Badminton Pair’s Olympic Dream in Jeopardy Due to Calculation Error

It is their dream that could collapse. The French pair Ronan Labar and Lucas Corvée saw their Olympic qualification slip away due to a calculation error by the International Badminton Federation. An error confirmed during the day by a press release from the BWF. Their place at the Olympics goes to brothers Christo and Toma Junior Popov. An unprecedented and incomprehensible situation for Ronan Labar. He spoke to RMC Sport.

The press release from the International Badminton Federation was released today, confirming the calculation error and therefore ratifying the new rankings. How do you feel?

It’s a day even more difficult than the others. We’ve been back for three days so I’m not going to say that I’m no longer disappointed, but I’m a little more disappointed with the press release that was published by the International Federation. Because in this press release, they recognize an error on their part, they apologize in two words but to say that they apologize for high-level athletes who are seeing their dream of Olympic participation at home this n is not enough.

The International Federation mentions the forgetting of a rule in these points calculations, you understand?

It’s incredible. It’s surreal. We can use all the superlatives that exist. Above all, it is a huge professional error on their part and to come out of this professional error with such a short and poorly detailed press release, in my opinion, is a little disappointing, even very. Very dehumanizing too. They have no idea what they put us through.

Do you take this as a sort of contempt?

I won’t go that far. But clearly, they are making a mistake with consequences that are extremely serious for us. But they have no escape routes at the moment and as a result they sacrifice two players. So we hope that there will be, perhaps, ways out so that everyone is a winner in this story, with a possibility that the BWF grants a wild card. Which would mean that the two French pairs would be qualified. This is an idea that the French Federation is supporting. But the BWF does not mention this in its press release.

For your part, what action will you give to this situation?

Lucas and I met with a lawyer to find out about the different options available to us. It is clearly not our wish to have to take further action. We would like it to be managed internally, in our sport, with the international federation, the French Federation and that they try to repair their error in a way that could suit everyone.

Do you keep in mind that there will be a way out of all this?

There is always an emergency exit. If my information is correct, until July 6, the list of athletes for the Olympic Games can be modified. So until July 6 I will believe it. I admit that we are a little dejected. It’s hard. We are dejected because our loved ones are also. There I have just found my parents whom I have not seen since and they are devastated, my partner too. My daughter doesn’t feel it matters. I haven’t yet thought about how to explain to him that the “Bravo Papa” I received five days ago is no longer valid. That dad can’t go because of a mistake by someone from the international federation. We are not resigned but a little dejected.

The Olympic Games were to be your last international competition. Did you ever think that your career would end like this…?

For the moment no. I spend my day on the phone as we try to find solutions. But it sure is an emotional lift that no one can understand. Tuesday after our defeat in Europe, I thought it was my last match. Thursday, following the defeat of Tomi and Christo Popov, I was over the moon telling myself that I would have the chance to play a few more matches in Paris for the Olympics. And now maybe there won’t be any more matches. It’s hard. If it ends this way it’s just horrible.

Did you have any exchanges with Toma and Christo Popov?

We didn’t have the chance to talk. We were on a week’s vacation. We didn’t meet. It’s a situation that is delicate for everyone. It is for them too. We will have the opportunity to discuss this subject very soon. It changes absolutely nothing about the relationships we have between us and the good understanding we have. But this is clearly a situation that no one would want to experience.

For its part, what does the French Federation tell you?

The French federation gives us all its support, at least emotionally and psychologically. It is also a very delicate situation for them because it is a French pair which suffers from an error which is in favor of another French pair. It would be easier for the federation if the situation was with a foreign pair who qualified at our palace. Where there they would be more aggressive in their approach. There they support us. They will carry the project of a wild card to the BWF. Now it is in the hands of the international federation.

How will you manage the next few days?

There won’t be peace for a while, that’s obvious. At least not before having a final decision on this situation. And even once the final situation is given, if it turns out that we can participate in the Olympic Games, we will be able to rethink our training and our preparation. But until then it’s going to be hard. We have an interclub match tomorrow, it’s going to be hard to go on the pitch and have a big desire.

In such a situation, do you need to be with your loved ones especially?

Mostly need answers. Even time with our loved ones is difficult because we are forced to broach this subject. We tell ourselves that it’s incredible, that we’re experiencing something incredible, that has never happened and that will never happen again. Such a huge mistake will never happen again. We say to ourselves that we will perhaps be the only ones, in the history of French badminton, or even worldwide, to suffer the consequences of such an error.

Is it not possible for you to imagine not going to the Olympics?

We remain hopeful but it’s true that we imagine that this could be the case and that everything collapses. That all the efforts, the sacrifices that we have put in place for three years with Lucas and even fifteen years in my international career could be reduced to nothing and swept away in this way by an error of calculation. By so-called professionals of our sport.

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