Exploring the Controversial History of Flamengo’s Rival in the Copa Libertadores

An important media outlet recalled that passage in the history of Flamengo’s rival in the Copa Libertadores.

In Brazil they are awaiting Flamengo’s debut in the 2024 Copa Libertadores, as it is the most popular team in that country and will have to play its first game at the height of Bogotá (2,600 meters) against Millonarios, this Tuesday, April 2 at the stadium El Campín, at 5 in the afternoon, Colombian time.

That is why ‘Globoesporte’ dedicated a note to knowing the history of the Albiazul team, one of the greats of Colombian football, which has an immense tradition, and numerous fans throughout the country.

However, the record has created controversy, since the Albiazule fans were not very happy as they talk about the links with drug trafficking that the ambassador team had.

Letícia Marques, author of the note, opens the note saying that Millonarios “was previously linked to drug trafficking, but now belongs to a large American investment fund”; and she remembers that the legendary Alfredo Di Stéfano passed through Millonarios.

“It was in the 70s when the cartels began to relate to some clubs with the intention of legalizing the money that was moved. In the Millonarios case, President Hermes Tamayo was arrested in Barranquilla with two tons of cocaine. There are reports that Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, ‘El Mexicano’, one of Pablo Escobar’s main partners in the Medellín cartel, killed a manager to take control of the club, which during his management was two-time champion of Colombia (1987 and 1988). )”, says the section that talks about Millonarios’ relationship with drug trafficking.

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