Chess Candidates Tournament: Keep Calm and Carry On!

Chess Candidates Tournament: Keep Calm and Carry On!

That’s easy to say when everyone around you is going crazy. About seventeen-year-old Gukesh, who wants to win the world championship title after winning the Candidates Tournament.

Big hello in the Great Hall, and outside the door they also cheer: Gukesh with fans. © Michał Walusza/​Fide

In front of the entrance to the Great Hall on Queen Street, a crowd of young people crowds the sidewalk. They look very Indian, there’s even someone wearing a turban. Some have chessboards under their arms, others are already halfway on the road. Cars honk, the tram passes by like a light ferry, it’s already dark outside, a quarter past nine, Sunday evening. They are waiting for their hero, they want his signature on their chessboard, they want selfies with him. They want the door to open right now.


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