Bayern Munich’s Season of Misfortunes: Champions League Quarterfinals Defining Their Fate

Bayern Munich’s Season of Misfortunes: Champions League Quarterfinals Defining Their Fate


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They say bad news never comes alone. And Bayern’s season has been a series of misfortunes that have led the team to throw out the DFB Pokal, the Bundesliga and having to see the Champions League as the only way to save a season that, if Europe does not say otherwise, will be forgotten.

Thomas Tuchel has not found the key either in the game or in the way of convincing his players that his script was ideal for the new project he had in his hands for Bayern. This lack of play and, above all, results has led the Bavarian team to this day, where they rely on the Champions League to maintain that ‘status’ of a big club.. However, as we said, bad news never comes alone.

All or nothing against Arsenal

Bayern is risking everything against Arsenal in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals, and after the ups and downs that the team has suffered throughout the season, on top of that they will have to face that decisive match with low capital. Davies, suspended, was the most key safe casualty that Tuchel had for that second leg, but there will be some more.

Coman, who was injured against Colonia, says goodbye to the rest of the season and, therefore, it will be a certain absence. And the third on this list is Gnabry, who did not play this weekend and will be in dry dock for another three weeks. Three very important casualties in Bayern’s ranks for a match that is more than just a final.

It will also be necessary to see if Sané is ready to play from the start. The German winger and playmaker did not participate in the Bavarian team’s last game as he was in trouble and we will see what participation he can have in the Champions League.

In the end, in addition to the instability of having a coach who leaves at the end of the season, results that do not arrive and a game that does not improve excessively, Bayern also has to regret an infirmary that fills up week after week. A drama.

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