Atlético beats Athletic 3-1 and takes a giant step towards the Champions League (3-1)

Atlético beats Athletic 3-1 and takes a giant step towards the Champions League (3-1)

Between the doubts that Atlético de Madrid gives off, whistle at breakemerged Angel Correa to recover a ball in midfield, run towards the unmarked, receive a pass from Koke and defeat Unai Simón and Athletic (3-1), course to the indispensable objective of the Champions League, already with six points in its favor.

Even though the particular difference in their confrontations is also equal, with five games remaining it is already a considerable distance. Some calm for the Madrid team, practical, effective on one of its rare occasions and decisiveas it usually is when playing at the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium, even though their match was not brilliant, but enough to defeat an insubstantial Athletic, definitively sentenced with the 3-1 that Lino launched and rebounded a goal off Unai Simón, already in the 80th minute.

The future becomes clearer for Atlético. His advantage reaffirms him and undoubtedly proposes him as a favorite, with an income that reassures him, but also warns him against carelessness. His performance as a visitor is a handicap so stressful and damaging that not even such a visible distance ensures your pass for the ‘Champions’.

Your stadium is different. If only his matches this season in the heat of the Cívitas Metropolitano were counted, right now he is competing for the championship, so alien for so long that fourth place, so prized by the club, is simply a consolation for the fan, even for the team. There is the demand, due to Simeone’s work.

Atlético struck first. In the 14th minute. It had not gone much deeper until then, when a cross from Llorente combined with a fatal clearance from Athletic. At the edge of the area he waited By Paul, reprimanded from almost the beginning of the match and in an undoubted individual decline in recent times. His volley bounced off Galarreta. The 1-0.

In such a measured match, with so much at stake, with the prudence that implies to contain any risk, to control any detail, the first goal generally takes on a incalculable dimension. It wasn’t so much this Saturday. A wall also knocked down by Atlético, who had not beaten Athletic’s goal once in the more than four and a half hours they had played this season in three duels against that opponent.

In a quarter of an hour he did it this Saturday, with many fewer chances than he had created in the previous Copa del Rey on the same stage. Football things. It should have been an impulse. It was not. He reaffirmed Atlético in his plan, retreating. And he shot the Athletic’s obligationhis offensive responsibility, the weight of the 1-0… His reaction, more possessive than incisive, was reflected only in a shot by Sancet.

Nothing out of this world either in a contained duel. In fact, the Bilbao team would have gone into the break at a disadvantage, without much else in their offensive statistics, if it had not been for the gift that Griezmann gave him on the edge of the intermission. Unexpected by the moment, by the game and by a player of his stature, he made a tremendous mistake.

His back pass from the opposing half was the beginning of Athletic’s tying goal. There was no one very attentive to his companions. Iñaki Williams passed by there, on his way back to his field, isolated from the play. Suddenly, he found himself with a precious ball just for the counterattack. He connected with Guruzetawhich served Nico Williams made it 1-1 in the 45th minute. His celebration, the subject of racist insults minutes before in the corner, was vindictive, pointing out the color of his skin on his forearm.


“Nico Williams speaks on the field,” Athletic published on its social networks. The offensive chants were asked over the public address system to stop. “Atlético is against any act of racism or hatred,” wrote the Madrid entity, while the match was going on, before the goal with which the visiting team took advantage of a mistake by Atlético. One of many in recent times. A clear expression of what the local team’s moment is, whistled by its audience, far from the version that corresponds to it, until it returned from the locker room.

Because then Atlético did grow. Correa personified him, origin and end of the 2-1 in the 52nd minute. He stole the ball in the midfield and he finished the action in the area, when he controlled a magnificent high delivery from Koke behind the Athletic defense , he cut to the side and beat Unai Simón to answer the doubts about the team and himself.

There was no reaction from Athletic, without a single chance in the entire second half, unable to respond to Correa’s goal, which relaunched Atlético in the sprint for fourth position, accelerated even more by Unai Simón’s 3-1 own door, already in the 80th minute. Samuel Linus It rebounded off the post and the goalkeeper to resolve the clash and equalize the particular difference in their direct confrontations, after the 2-0 in San Mamés.


Atlético de Madrid, 3: Oblak; Molina (Riquelme, d. 66), Witsel, Giménez, Hermoso, Lino; Correa (Barrios, d. 78), De Paul (Azpilicueta, d. 82), Koke, Llorente (Saúl, d. 82); Griezmann.

Athletic Club, 1: Unai Simon; Yeray (Ander Blacksmith, m. 66), Vivian, Walls, Lake; Beñat Meadows, Galarreta (Vesga, m. 68); Iñaki Williams (Raul Garcia, 81), Sancet (Berenguer, 66), Nico Williams; Guruzeta (Muniain, m. . 66)

Goals: 1-0, m. 14: From Paul. 1-1, m. 45: Nico Williams. 2-1, m. 52: Strap. 3-1, m. 80: Unai Simón, own goal.

Referee: Martínez Munuera (C. Valenciano). He yellow carded the locals De Paul (m. 4), Witsel (m. 92) and Griezmann (m. 93) and the visitors Sancet (m. 60) and Paredes (m. 70).

Incidences: match corresponding to the thirty-third day of LaLiga EA Sports played at the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium in front of 64,612 spectators. Before the start of the match, a minute of silence was observed in memory of José Torres, father of Fernando Torres. Raúl García, former player of the Madrid club, now at Athletic Club and who will retire at the end of this season, was also honored.

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