Aravane Rezaï: The Improbable Comeback from 15th in the World to Total Depression and Back

Aravane Rezaï: The Improbable Comeback from 15th in the World to Total Depression and Back

At 37, Aravane Rezaï is attempting an improbable comeback, as she has just announced in an interview with “L’Équipe”. The French tennis player also talks about the complicated times she experienced in the past, due to serious depression.

The older ones all remember Aravane Rezaï, who arrived like a cannonball on the women’s circuit at the dawn of the 2010s. Many observers saw her as the future of French tennis, but after a great victory at the Madrid Open in 2010 against Venus Williams in the final and a 15th place in the world, the rest was not really up to par. It is ultimately a long descent in the ranking which awaits the one who, weakened, started everything from scratch with Patrick Mouratoglou in 2012. Unfortunately, things are not improving on a sporting level and the native of Saint-Étienne (Loire) inexorably falls in the rankings.

At 37 years old and after many years away from tennis, Aravane Rezaï decided to resume his career. Asked by The team on April 22, she spoke of this return, full of hope, but knowing full well that the hardest part remained to be done. “I try to be as humble as possible because I have gone through a lot of challenges in my life, but I still came in 15th in the world. I don’t have specific goals, but I want to to arrive in the top 200 initially”she says.

Aravane Rezaï in “total depression”

Aravane Rezaï, who filed a complaint against his father in the past, experienced very complicated times during his life. “There have been several sequences in my life, hollows, complicated moments. I have been in total depression. There were problems…

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