Analysis: Blinken’s Meeting with Xi Jinping Likely to Be Inconclusive

Analysis: Blinken’s Meeting with Xi Jinping Likely to Be Inconclusive

Written by: Qian Baidu

[The Epoch Times, April 27, 2024][Blinken’s meeting with Xi, a chicken-and-duck talk, will not produce any results]Mr. Tao Miao: Blinken’s visit to China this time, the two sides may still be a chicken-and-duck talk, which will not produce any effect. ——Submarine 2020: The candidates Blinken brought this time show that he wants to negotiate with China (CCP) on cross-strait issues, cyber hackers, digital renminbi, anti-drugs and other issues. The topics that the United States wants to discuss are all ones that China (the Chinese Communist Party) is trying its best to avoid. Naturally, consensus will not be reached through discussions.

[Hu Xijin leaked the secrets of the Chinese Communist Party’s aid to Russia]Hu Xijin leaked state secrets again. On April 23, Hu Xijin said: The United States wants to start from China and make Russia lose its war capability. This path is absurd and will eventually fail. ——It seems that Hu Xijin knows the key role played by the Chinese Communist Party in the Russia-Ukraine war. He wants to say that the Chinese Communist Party is a solid backing for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

[To say that authoritarianism really exalts them]During the Hu-Wen era, it was still barely authoritarian, but now it is totalitarian. Typical examples of authoritarian countries are South Korea’s Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan during the military government period, Spain’s Franco, Chile’s Pinochet, and Taiwan’s Chiang Kai-shek period. Although authoritarian, citizens also have certain freedoms, and some have opposition parties and real elections. China has been totalitarian for a long time. The CCP has a monopoly on power and does not allow any opposition to exist. There is no competitive election. To say that authoritarianism really exalts them. ——@zhengyichangcun

[“People’s Livelihood” Policies Specifically Used to Tease the People]Xi Jinping said that “Chinese-style modernization puts people’s livelihood first”, and various places have launched some “people’s livelihood” policies. For example, Sichuan proposed a monthly subsidy of 3,500 yuan for seniors over 110 years old, and Shanghai proposed A monthly subsidy of 1,970 yuan is provided to families giving birth to triplets. These “people’s livelihood” policies are specifically designed to tease the people. ——@ltshijie

【I really have no money! 】Shanghai police began to fine people in the back seat for not wearing seat belts, 200 yuan per person. Online car hailing and taxis are checked accurately, and basically every car that is stopped is fined. The police did not ask the driver for payment, but directly asked the passenger for payment. Don’t ask me why, let me remind you that I was fined 400 (for my child and I) when we went out to take a taxi for dinner.

[When you do bad things, you are most afraid of having a desire to perform]”I am the deputy secretary of the Jianhua Town Party Committee, my surname is Ji, and my name is Ji Yunhao! Do you understand? This place does not belong to you now!” A complete reproduction of Jin Yong’s “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” The scene where Duan Tiande kills Niujiacun: “Master, I will not change my surname when I am walking, and I will not change my name when I sit down. My surname is Duan and my name is Tiande. Heaven has the virtue of good life. Remember? You can go to the King of Hell and complain.” Now there is an additional idiom: Yunhao stops farming. I said it before when I analyzed Jin Yong: When you do bad things, you are most afraid of having a desire to perform. Being a thug and doing bad things is just a perfunctory thing, don’t be so energetic. ——Six Gods Leilei reads Jin Yong

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