agreement found for renewal until 2029 at 3 million per year

Reverse fate for the two wingers of the fantastic 2nd place last season. The announcement came last night Felipe Anderson: no agreement with the Lazio and green light with Palm trees from next season. However, the Brazilian’s no allowed the acceleration to take place Zaccagni and now the soap opera with him really seems to be over. Number 20 had been waiting for about a year and his agent, Mario Giuffredion several occasions he had not hidden his discontent over the hesitations of the biancoceleste club, but in the last few days the white smoke has finally arrived.


Lazio, agreement until 2029 with Zaccagni

Once we had the certainty that the offer for Felipe Anderson would not change (maximum 3 million salary including bonuses) and that the number 7 would not accept less than 3.5 million fixed base, there was an immediate relaunch for Zaccagni who, barring surprises such as monstrous offers in the summer (the admirers, Juventus above all, there is no shortage) is ready to be linked to Lazio for life. There is the total agreement for the renewal: expires in June 2029 and 3 million per year in salary. Almost a season away from the current deadline so there is good news for Tudor. All that’s missing is the signature, which the winger will celebrate as soon as he returns to the pitch, but unlikely on 23 April in the second leg semi-final of Italian Cupalso because the injury to the peroneal ligament has not yet healed completely.


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